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Posts by pabbi1   I've asked them directly - watch for the response (if any).   Oh, and I'm in on phones up to the SR-009 level, but not interested if it is phones and amp.
What about the MUCH rumored issuance of a NEW stat, or reissue of the HE90 / HEV90?   Comment one way or another would be most appreciated.
I remember the proto discussion, and some vague "maybe CES" referelce, but that is quite a stretch to confirmed CES rollout. This is what Senn shows today:
  I  no longer read HC, so I would have no idea what you are referring to.
Not a universal sentiment, bang for buck or otherwise. I do think the HEV90 is not up to par, even with the greatest tubes, but the HE90 is still the best phone I have heard, even through the HEV.   Different strokes, and everyone that has NOT heard them definitely should... then decide for yourself.   But let's be clear - there is NO indication that a new product is being made, nor that the old is being reissued.
Normally there are hints, pseudo leaks, and flat out misinformation by now, so, based on prior products announced at CES (HD800), it is looking less likely... or, Senn has plugged the leaks. Wonder where all the product development things once hinted at have gone? May just not be production profitable, OR Senn has lost interest in making technology leadership statements.   Here are some of the 'hints'...  ...
Baby Orpheus... with a way better amp.   Travis, my gear is in the sig.
Ditto for the he60, not so much on the hev70.
Also with anything around the campus, parking may be an issue (proximity to load gear). The further away from campus, I'm thinking, the better.
Background noise is totally overrated - we have technology solutions, which will solve anything (telephone, wife/girlfriend, kids) up to barking dogs.   PayPal at the ready whenever we need to start collecting funds for a room.
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