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We'll see how she sounds with the he-60 tomorrow...
  Nikon 3100 for me - 30-70mm, and 35mm fixed. 16gb and 32gb, so capacity for a few thousand hires (and, yes, an extra battery).   Might venture into some vids but I did not pack either of my tripods.
Way overpacked and heading down in a couple of hours. 3 extension cords, and 2 power strips (1 extra).
FS or Trade: second prototype Cavalli eXStatA (with CCS) and Stax SR-40 & energizer. Also have about 40 TungSol 6s4a, and a DIY CKIII (built, with a bug), and an unpopulated board... odds and ends. They'll be in the trunk, just in case.
I've got 2 25' and one 50' extension cords, but only my power strip. I'll also have extra power cords (Quail), the tube tester, DMM, and various audio cables / amps (CKIII, Stax SR-40, eXStatA, Equation RP-21 phones)... just stuff.
Just watching the freak show on 6th would be more fun that Congress... maybe Stubbs.with Coheed & Cambria
A tad mellow for my taste (loud and snotty) - good call on the Chronicle.
  I actually had this amp at CanJam 2010 in Chicago, so it has been seen in public. Due to my (wholeheartedly supported) NDA, this is all I can (or would) show. Not sure how relevant the very first prototype has to any current product other than to show that development is iterative, and takes time.  
I built the first LUa proto in April 2010, and it drove my HD800 very well, even SE (in fact, I had APS make me a balanced -> SE adapter it was so good). Can't wait to hear personally what this will sound like with 3 years of additional refinement. Also heard it briefly with the LCD2, and it drove them equally well.
Booked the room for Friday night - any bands of note playing, or other worthy adventures?
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