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Erico,   Replied in PM.  
Actually, we had two in Sugarland,  but it was 4-5 years ago... gosh how time flies...
We have had meets in Houston, just not in the last couple of years.
Pffft.... if everyone doesn't know my rig by now...   ;-)
Too bad we missed you Don, but glad to see you are paying attention...   :-)
The DIY board was a Cavalli CTH (Compact Tube Hybrid).
  You mean, like with girls?  I'm thinking just the other way around. ;-)
For the record, I have gone back and forth considering replacing the Ayon with the PWD. Sometimes the PWD sounds 'better' (more detailed), but the Ayon always brings me back, especially for guitars, piano and vocals.   The Ayon ain't broke, so I ain't fixin it. The Siemens CCa and the 1980 date code on the 6h30-DR make it way better than what you hear with the stock EH tubes.
MY Impressions:   Fell in love with the HD800 all over again...not enough to put aside the he-60. Driven by the Eddie Current S7, just great synergy. NOT a fan of the 6sn7 generally, esperially the GTB, but this combo was crazy good.   Speaking of 6sn7, since I'm not a fan, the Liquid Glass does a great job for evaluating what you do and don't like in tubes... especially if the tubes aren't quite settled down. Learned this back in the day with the vaunted...
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