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Yeah, i replaced the earpads and headband a few years back on the he60, but if beyer can use leather... geez. Maybe the NEW Senn stats will have leather. ;-) Just fanning the non-existent flames.
  Yeah, we wanted it to be a surprise... so, surprise.   ;-)   Reminded me I need to spend $11-12k on headphones, not just $4k. Oh, did I mention best I've ever heard... but, you already knew that. 
                    Personal shout out to Purk for loaning his HE-90 to Justin for the meet. Sometimes I wonder what is left to hear, and as they say, you just never know..   Surprise of the meet: Shuagang Treasures - awesome in the Blue Hawaii, or maybe it was the Orpheus... a worthy complement for the BH. Just when I thought tube manufacture was just about extinct.
  To the organizer, Nick, drinking heavily because i broke the cable on his HD-800.    Great job, Nick. You do know how to throw a party.  ;-)
Shaeds of Hutto... roll of garbage bags for me.
Sorry, no more boards or the like, just parts... LOTs of parts. I am moving, and clearing out all my non-essential stuff.   Perhaps one person can speak for it all, then share as appropriate?
Any DIYers attending? I have a box of goodies to dispose of - a BIG box.   I'll bring the eXStaTa for grins.   I also have a SX-40 / SRD4 combo for sale - reasonable.
Al doesn't take tefunds... pay it forward to the DIYer of your choosing!   :-)
  The Ayon will be at your disposal, as will the he60 - bringing my LL seems rather redundant...  ;-)
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