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My tinittus has now forced me to abandon headphones altogether, even for training at work (just human voice, not even music).   HE-60 with ear and headband pads replaced in 2006. The originals are also included in case you could find a leather craftsman to possibly rework them. They were reterminated for Stax (by APS with a nice Amphenol silver plug), with the hev70 adapter.   Also included is a spare set of drivers, NIB, now out of stock via Sennheiser.   The hev70...
        I am moving and cleaning, so this is the last of my DIY stuffs.   Pars Metal case, 16x16x4, top, bottom and side vents, black anodized, 3/8” front panel Stax plug (DIYer Kerry with solder board connections) (unsoldered) Bulgin switch Millett DC filament regulators, with transformers Furutech XLR connectors (unsoldered) Khozmo balanced 10k 48 step (unsoldered) $500 shipped US   NOS 6s4a - $300 shipped US 55 Tung Sol 8...
As described - originally posted as a community service in DIY, but I don't have the time, inclination or even motivation to fix them... nor do I have any hd800. I broke these at a meet, and replaced the owner's cable.   Price includes USPS priority to CONUS. The cable will be shipped with electrical tape to make sure the wire makes the trip intact. The cable functions fine.
I have one like this as well. SHAME on Sennheiser for not fixing these cables, and claiming a $162 new stock cable is the only answer.   I'll post mine seperately. Electrical tape also works.
Ok, here we go... and it does (kinda) look like this is a glued part, but the joint has zero structural integrity. Amazing Senn refuses to reglue this, and it is a $170 penalty to buy another.  
Yeah, scheduling conflicts have pushed the pics off until next weekend. With better data, this will be a whole lot easier to discuss.
Ah, the wanderings of youth... all of you, on your own path(s)...    ;-)   Good thing there is no destination.
They were not mine, and I don't have them... were that I could. Maybe by the weekend.
Knocked a pair of HD800 off a table, about 30" to a carpeted floor, and it separated the plastic / molded rubber / heatshrink / plastic from the metal ODU connector. Both sides look to be flush surfaces, but the same diameter, so I just can't figure out how this was attached, much less how to set it right.   None of the connections was damaged, and it is currently (temporarily) held together with electrical tape, while a replacement unit is inbound. I have seen a few...
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