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 The 1954 D28... an $8k sweet spot...   ;-)
Yeah... it CAN be all yours...     Not sure what is sadder - disassembling the system, or no longer being able to enjoy it as it sat idle. Oh, well, Gibsom & Martin are helping me recover.  
the tinnitus now keeps me from even using a headset at work, so.... a nearfield 2.1 system through my computer and a Xonar card. Decidedly a step down. I'll give this a few months until I get sorted in Portland, and see what the new mancave layout looks like before getting serious. Oh, and I haven't yet figured out how to incorporate the Ayon, so it is listed as well.   Sadly, with the funding uncertainty of my employer, I have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend to be...
The HE-60 has been sold and shipped, so not much for me to contribute.
Going once...
Just to reiterate, I will not separate any portion of this package. Sorry, but I will simply delete any further messages asking.   Please also note I am offering Head-fiers a discount versus what I am asking on Audiogon.
Nothing left to do but enjoy, and roll through your entire music catalog. You will find nuggets of gold everywhere.
Bumped - change from IC to FS.
Do not judge the he60 by the hev70 - no greater mismatch in headphones and amp has ever been created.   Get a decent stat amp, and you will immediately see the difference, and likely never turn back. I was an original fan of the hd600, and moved to he60 and hd800. The he60 stayed, the hd800 departed. The hd800 will also need a decent amp, where I strongly preferred a balanced solution, though current SE sufficiently powered offerings are stellar as well.   This...
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