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i have this also but only on the pro output, nb output is perfect. i adjusted the bias circuit, no change i'm guessing a cap is going out of spec
SIYAYILANDA condition would be more important than age. i have an sr5 from 1975 and they are wonderful. Stax in general are either are right or broken.
i passed these headphones around at work today, i had a hard time getting them back. not one person said they were heavy. the comment i heard most was "how much" followed by "is this from the company that makes mics?" of course none of these people were headfiers, different standards and all that. i had the option of returning them, i didn't. for a full size headphone they stay in place even when bending over unlike many of the full size headphones i have.
m audio q 40 among many others
thanks, i was hoping that someday this deal would be back on.
Maybe the op is a speakers guy. I have a sub and some older Klipsch speakers with horns and I've yet to hear anything close to this out of a headphone. This includes more than just frequency range and presence.   It happens, maybe nearfield monitors or totl Stax would be worth a listening.
Nice production quality on the video and the content was spot on. Not everyone needs or wants frequency sweeps and graphs, just clear info.   It usually takes me a week at least of listening to a single new headphone before passing judgement. This isn't to say that initial impressions are bad, even so, most often initial impressions usually remain unchanged. After a week I compare (just listening) the new phones with the others and really see if it's unique enough to...
not even close in terms of functionality.a more similar headphone to the Stance would be with the Parrot Zik. Depends on what requirements you have. Bluetooth is a nice feature. When you put that with remote controls the Zik a very nice package to use on the go.compared to the Zik the audio quality is much better on the MoFi's. I really enjoy the dsp and noise cancellation of the Ziks, really quite good.
i have a few of the above, not high end but nearly so. these Mo Fi's are good cans. Out of a portable they never seem strained and are very full and balanced. As for the looks, these aren't jecklin floats but admittedly they are different, anyway who cares about the looks? i don't have to look at them just listen to them. maybe BTs just checking the mix with headphones. I would think monitors would be more appropriate for mixing.
hardly long enough to make a judgement but after a few hours of listening i remain pretty impressed with how smooth these are. i haven't heard anything that makes these sound congested. A thrown a few genres at this, rock, jazz and rock. i said rock twice, i like rock. One song from LeAnn Rimes. go ahead, guess which one.....the cover.....written by Bill Mack.   yeah, Blue. Playing it wasn't intentional just odd that it was on the player. Great vocal.   There is one...
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