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we did have a great time.....i think jude will send an email to surrounding zip codes. that's how i found out. i'd attend another
not trying to make this a Klipsch thread, found a set of Heresys in birch. These were made in 1980 so its the first iteration. Purchased from a woman in her 80s? Only played Nat King Cole (joking) but not abused.(serious) Used some watco after a quick sanding. The horns are just about what you'd expect, present and forward. The 12 inch woofer you'd think there would be more air movement. Like most acoustic suspension speakers they will play a 30 Hz tone when placed...
More volts equals better?As a nb Stax owner "this is an outrage"?I'm moving to Europe to enjoy higher voltage?
slippery slope and all that
i once heard of the police coming to tell a person to turn it down, he was wearing headphones. just keep an eye out for villagers with torches and pitchforks. hehe they look nice, sound better and can be driven with a tiny amp as long as you don't send a clipped signal.
for a first post that was pretty nice, my Japanese is nil but could someone post if this is groundbreaking. this is the interviewer and a stax employee?
^ ok, how about a floorstanding speaker using planar tech. Stax tried it and failed (was unsustainable, still a great speaker though) you know, for when i get tired of headphones or want to share a song?
Not to be a smart ***** but the whole point of bluetooth is to avoid the cable and move the controls to the headphones.The saving grace is amps are built in the cups. matching amp to speakers can be a big step forward in the audio chain. For the money you pay for the HKs you could get much better headphones; sadly cable attached. I really liked the HK BT when i had them and even considered getting them again and probably will when they go on sale. The build quality and...
try these people, service was pretty good, quality was very good.....many options. sleeving, heatshrink etc. no red heatshrink just black and white. right rhymes with white, so that's the way i went. got a five foot and it's very flexible.
yes i can.the 407 are more transparent. neither is bad and i understand how some would prefer the nb to any recent lambda framed stax. whatever others say a preference is subjective. i have the srm1 mk2 pro; one nb one pro bias. I'd like to do a double blind test but i can feel the difference in frames. nice to see you've fixed it!
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