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The spinfits don't work for me, maybe the wrong size. the MDR-EB90s are a keeper. I was shocked how low they go, sweeps from 30 HZ to 5 still got a flutter at 5 HZ. Extra Bass should be changed to Extended Frequency. They sound pretty good direct from an HTC phone. I would have liked a little more sensitivity but still a great setup for portable.The flat cable is good at stopping cable noise and the shirt clip is outstanding.  Now I see why HBB listed them top on impact <...
wow, I feel this pain, I have a few issues buying headphones. not specifically with Aurisonics, just so you knowmy Fortes were supposed to come with a cleaning tool, they didn't. here's what I gotten via email Funny you should mention the cleaning tool!We had decided we weren’t going to include one, and then the labels were printed with old copy (that included the cleaning tool on the package contents) - and we didn’t realize it until a bunch of dealers and customers...
They emailed me back in a day, that was two weeks ago. I guess they have game. Anyway the product seems fine...always was. I was having a hard time registering it, refused the manufactured date.I like my Fortes so much I decided to try the Sony 90xb. They arrive on Tuesday along with some spinfits. Maybe you asked for free product I probably wouldn't reply either.
plus one on the cowon players, I have a d2 and its output is up to any task, 600 ohm headphones? no problem! also available in rockbox but I've found no need. the eq stock firmware is flexible enough.
listed in my profile....quickly  Stax, Hifiman, M Audio Q40....then iems 535. The Forte just hit all the right areas, isolation, comfort and sound quality
I registered my fortes with Aurisonics but the web app wouldn't accept my manufactured date. I emailed and got a reply within a day. I mentioned that no cleaning tool came. apparently what happened was the the packaging was printed then a decision was made not to include a cleaning tool. After much complaint a tool was added. Recent builds should have the tool enclosed for the Bravo series. Not that it matters much the head of a pin would do just the same...
which spinfit model, last I looked there were two? Also, did you go from small harmony to medium in the spin fits?
The Bravo series is an unusual model of headphone. I suspect people will either love it or hate it right away. Tip rolling will do nothing, unless you can't get a seal. Do by all means try! I tried some sweeps just to see the resolution. Flat to 30 HZ with a file that went from 60 to 5. Another sweep from 200 to 20 confirms this. There's more to the bass than sweeps: presence, impact and decay. The Forte has it. Makes me want to try the 2.5   meringo, I read and liked...
of course it has a port, you probably meant to say non-adjustable. you can cover it with tape, I've felt no need
Feilong4 I've found the Fortes to be very neutral when bass notes aren't present. Johnny Cash version of Hurt (by NIN) is very natural, piano and guitar. Vocals on that track are resonant without being nasal, glaring or bloom. When the song has no bass you get NO BASS. You might like these.
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