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Sorry I can't shift through 100 odd pages... I'm heading to Tokyo this weekend and I will be picking this puppy up.   Just wondering if anyone recommends a store to buy this from?
I've used many IEMs.   I can wear all of them for many hours, but in the end of the day they will feel sore one way or another. Some feel better, other feel worse.   3 years ago, I picked up a custom. I've worn by earphones for 2 days straight (transfer flight, sleeping, then more flying) and didn't have any issues with comfort. The only issue is I sometimes feel sore around my ears (where you look the cable over your ear); I think it is caused by the fact that I...
When someone asks me why I don't wear Beats, I tell them I find them to be too expensive. It's implied that I find them overpriced, but 100% of the time people assume I mean I can't afford them, which I guess works out to the same result. Anyways half of my friends don't give a crap and use whatever headphones come with their music players or at best spend
Guide looks great! Thanks!
Yes, they look spectacular.   Please do post how to buy these in this color scheme.
Last transaction was mutually canceled, so they are available again.   Anyways, here's the earphones themselves. After inspecting the "sealed" bag, it wasn't sealed except for a stick so I figured I'd give y'all a better shot:   And a shot of all the stuff you get with this deal:   And for those asking, I am 100% sure this is the Shure SE530PTH. It says that on the earphones themselves.
I bought them originally as the Shure E500PTH. Since then they have been replaced twice. First time I dropped it and they broke—Shure replaced them. Second time was beginning of this year, right side stopped working and they replaced them—I'm pretty sure the second time was out of warranty, so I think that's pretty nice of them.   Anyways, the last time they were returned me to in a plastic bag, which I assume means they're refurbished. I have not opened that bag...
I read through all the pages… (yeah, I was bored) and I think I want to get my TF10s reshelled since this would make one heck of a custom it would seem.   Is the pricing and everything still the same? If they used the foam like silicon, you can play around with it and it won't lose it's shape. I just tossed mine in a box (without padding) when I sent my in.
I have a pair of UE-18s. These are my first customs and I have been using them daily for the past 6 months from commuting to jogging to reading. I love listening to music and these have replaced the universals I used to use. I had a set of Shure E500/SE530 IEs I used for a long time. When I bought my UE-18s, for their slow build and delay, they sent me a pair of TP10s for free (I guess to keep me from canceling). Comparatively the two are worlds apart. The UE-18 sounds a...
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