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Low hours, virtually mint condition. Low 26xx serial. Price includes PayPal and shipping in the lower 48.
In perfect condition, remote included. Contact for shipping quote.
Nice Sansui TU-517 in great condition. Everything, including all lights function perfectly. Contact for a shipping quote.
I'm drooling over here!   I can only hope these sound as good as they look!
 First, there are plenty of stores that sell products they produce alongside products they don't. Second, the point really was that whatever the model, a physical store is not going to give shelf space to a product where they make no money on it, which is what happens when software uses the App store to display a free app, but require users to sign up and pay to actually use it outside of the app. And lastly, there are absolutely products that are sold in stores, that are...
 The only reason this seems off in this scenario is because we have this feeling in the purchase of software that a purchase is 'permanent'. In the physical world, once we are done with a product, we don't have any assumption that if we want to move from one brand of furniture to the next that the old furniture owes us something. The value was in its use. It may have some nominal value after the fact (and Apple hardware will typically retain much more than non-Apple...
​Perhaps it would help to make a comparison to the physical world. If I own a store selling all sorts of products, why should I allow your product to take space on my shelves, let alone get prime retail space with a display right as you walk in the front door, for free? If you want to leverage the value of my store, my customers, you are going to have to pay me for that privilege. If I happen to see that you have a successful product, and have the wherewithal to develop my...
​I have to say I'm the opposite. I find I make far better comparisons over a long period of time. Immediate A/B-ing is effective for some comparisons, but I feel it often leads to missing the forest for the trees. I would have no issue describing the general sound characteristics of any headphone I've owned long-term, from memory.
​Yeah, given that the Z7 is, IMO, built better than most boutique headphones costing $1-2k or more, with the improvements the Z1r has I can't see being disappointed with the build quality.
 I would hold off selling the CD3k's. They are still increasing in value very quickly, and there is no way, IMO, that a long-term, accurate assessment of a new headphone can be made in a week! The CD3k was only moderately well regarded for years, and many, many people sold or overlooked them for another FOTM.
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