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Denon D7000's, lightly used, well cared for, with original box and materials. No scratches, no wear to speak of. Buyer pays shipping.
In great condition with original box, travel case, with most accessories never used. Price includes shipping in the lower 48.   SOLD!
I think you would sell you CD3000's in an instant at that price. Pictures would help assess the condition a lot, but these are a classic headphone that is getting harder and harder to find. I personally think they are worth more like $600 in good condition, $400-500 in average condition, and possibly more in mint condition. I don't think there is anything new on the market at those price points that comes close to it.   Maybe I'm out of touch with the market - but a...
Sorry - already have a set of HD800's.   Not looking for trades.   Thanks!
Shure SE846 for sale with original box and all accessories. Lightly used. Reputable seller with good feedback here over a very long period of time and ebay references able to be provided as well.   $700 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.
Yeah, but the Z7 doesn't sound anywhere near as good. Which is precisely why we are seeing people fishing for bidders at these prices.
I primarily drive these from my Pico which sounds fantastic. Not a hint of hiss.
 Yup, this is why the lowly CD3000 has remained a favorite of mine even as much more expensive headphones come and go in my collection.
I don't disagree that people will try to mod anything; what irks me to no end though is that many people who are trying extremely simple changes assume that the designs they are modifying are just haphazard when in fact for most quality equipment, especially from a big name like Sony, every aspect of the response was designed, measured and verified to do exactly what they wanted. Since every design is a compromise you can alter that sound on your own, but especially when...
 I think you woefully underestimate the engineering that went into these. The CD3000 was not some quick project to make a buck. They were extremely expensive headphones at the time they were released and gained greatly from the insane amount of R&D that went into the R1. The shell material and design was chosen for a reason, and certainly engineered in a particular way. If they could have improved the sound by sticking .02 worth of tape to the cups, they would have. The...
New Posts  All Forums: