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Original CCK. Is this a known issue? I never had any problems in the past.
I have to modify my earlier report of the Pico working through the CCK. I am now noticing a periodic pop in the background of the music. It's quite subtle - and since much of the music I listen to is older, it took me a while to notice it at all because it sounds like a very minor pop you'd get from vinyl, but it's consistently there. I've tried changing cables. Not sure if this came about with 10.0.2 or I just hadn't noticed it. Back to the dongle for the moment.
I can't see how Apple could have bundled the adapter with phones and avoided limiting it as per local regulations. They would have only been shooting themselves in the foot to try and fit through a loophole like that especially when only a relatively small portion of their buyers actually cares about it.
My Headamp Pico is working fine on the iPhone 7 through the CCK although since iOS 10 I have been seeing fairly regular crashes of the entire phone while using this setup - first on my 6s and now on my 7. Used this for a long time and these crashes are new.   Initially I was impressed with the sound of the Apple adapter at work where I have my Pico and CD3000's. It has a nice forward, detailed sound. But today listening a little more closely and the 'wow, new stuff'...
 Yes, you do appear to be missing something. Butt I'll let you figure that one out. :) Seriously though, getting rid of the subsidies for phones was a big step forward in transparency for phone companies that are historically anything but. It's not a bad deal to get an interest free payment plan to get a new phone - and this year they are effectively giving you $650 if you have an old iPhone to trade in. I think the audio jack removal was premature, and the vast majority...
Can anyone comment on what's going on with the amplification? Seems like that must be in the adapter too right?
​That's why I'm hoping for a German speaker to comment on the article. Google translate gives this quote: 
Yeah the loss of dynamic range doesn't seem in the least bit concerning to me if that's the worst of the effect.
German magazine doing some testing on the adapter. Finding a slight reduction in dynamic range with the adapter in place. Speculating that there is no DAC in the adapter. Any German speakers here?   http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/iPhone-7-nachgemessen-Audio-Adapter-liefert-schlechteren-Sound-3325932.html  
​Yes, we know this. :) The cynical side of me thinks that Apple did that to sell a ton of expensive adapters at the time, and now they might pull the reverse trick to sell a bunch more adapters again.
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