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Quote: Originally Posted by rickcr42 I don't know how many knucklheads I have come across that learned just enough martial arts to get their a*s kicked. and by that i mean the mindset of wanting to start sh*t only comes with the newbies that think once they learn a couple of techniiques they are ready to take on the world. "I can kick six feet high ! I AM the Bad Man !!!!" but the one thing you don't learn at first (and some never) is A-how...
Quote: Originally Posted by Feanor Wow, Duncan, sorry to hear that. Your health is worth way more than anything worth stressing about, so relax and enjoy the beutiful place you live in. Thanks Feanor!! You know, you guys have been great and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your kind thoughts. I've been inundated with PMs and emails both here and at the ipod studio and it sure has cheered me up! Thanks gain everyone and I hope...
Thanks Guys, it's nice to feel loved.. I'll stick around for a while yet....too many people to irritate, yet....
Hi Folks!! Yup, looks like I'm going to have to hop over this one as I suffered a mild heart-attack two weeks ago and have been told to take it easy. At 37 it sure wakes you up, so I guess I'd better listen to the doctor and wife on this one. My apologies for letting the side down and I hope to hold a meet in a few months time when things are normalised again. Duncan
Quote: Originally Posted by Nisbeth Damn you Duncan, those pictures are cheating /U. ....I know...
Email sent
Quote: Originally Posted by AIDAN Hi I am a UK resident and I would like to buy your cable by paypal if possible my ebay user name is magi4866 my email is aidanhodg@ msn.com or you can use my ebay address. not sure how to use paypal outside of ebay! hope you can assist . many thanks and best regards Aidan. no probs, I'm sure I can help..
Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Yep, and they bite, too. -Ed LOL! Pesky little suckers!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears Watch out for California! They have the seals. Nevermind..misread ya comment..
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