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I just picked up a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for $160 from the classified forum. There were several other sets on there for a similar price. I did add a set of Brainwavz pads, so another $25, but you may not find them necessary. Sound pretty decent with my iPhone 6 Plus. They have handled black metal, death, tech death, and most everything I've thrown at them so far. Color me impressed.
@Music Alchemist indeed that is a killer track. Thanks for bringing them up. I haven't listened to them in years.  [[SPOILER]]
@Selbi@Music Alchemist The Burden is Mine.....Alone is my personal favorite by GC. The Acoustic Verses would be a close second though. New music from them would be outstanding. I wonder if the new In the Woods album inspired/provoked/made possible the potential of a new GC album.
@markm1 Agreed. There were just so many incredible releases this year I haven't been able to listen to many of them more than once or twice. I tried to concentrate on my favorite sub genres (OSDM, BM, Tech DM) and missed a lot of great albums in others. 2016 was truly a banner year for metal like I've never seen.
@nmatheisPrevious post has been edited. Many apologies. I wasn't aware of that feature.
@markm1 This guy. This guy knows what he's doing! I'm still wading through all of the entries, I've already found several I would have overlooked and would have really missing out. Not counting ones I already had in rotation (Khemmis, Kvelertak, Summerlands, Ihsahn among others), Oatbreaker, Worms of Ourborous, Murg, and Martyrdod are all now in permanent rotation. But the show stopper is the Astronoid album. Blown. Away. Instantly took over the #1 spot on my list. This...
A very good directory of all things prog metal is located here:
A couple of more prog metal suggestions: In the woods..., Fates Warning (their latest album is fantastic), Antimatter, Rishloo, Riverside, Soen, Beardfish, and Fair to MidlandThat Haken album was good, but for my money, Fates Warning put out the best prog metal release this year. "Seven stars" and "One" are killer tracks. Good to see the older/classic bands still producing quality music. The production is top notch too.
I love this time of year because of all of the 'best of' lists. I had never heard of ninecircles before, but it's a great site and looking through one of the posts I ran across King Dude - Sex. This is fantastic stuff. Not quite metal, but better than 99% of what I've heard in the past year. Sounds like the evil love child of The Cramps and Samhain.
Bought these a few weeks ago here on Head-fi. They are in extremely good shape with no real signs of use. Sound fantastic but they just don't fit my head. Priced to sell quickly.
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