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Budget is $50-100 Priorities: 1) comfort, 2) sound quality, 3) easy to drive with an iPhone/iPad Music styles: 1) Progressive metal (Rush to Opeth), 2) thrash/speed metal (Big Four to Lamb of God), 3) experimental (Melt Banana to Alcests). I do enjoy some good old fashioned Black Metal (Emperor, Gorgoroth) and Grind (Carcass) but sound quality is not a concern with these. Sound signature: I prefer something "warm". I'm not a bass head by any means but I want to be able...
 I was seriously disappointed in this one. Had high hopes. A bunch of mid-tempo so-so songs. Kinda like the new Sabbath album. Could have done without both.
Some good stuff on here lately. My current playlist choices: Blut Aus Nord - Debemur Mortis MCD 3 song EP     Of course the new one from Mayhem. Hasn't quite clicked yet, but maybe a few more spins.     Marduk - Serpent Sermon. Been around for awhile, but this is a pretty decent release.   And an oldie but a goodie,   The reissue with the live tracks is pretty great. I've never really been a big Priest fan, especially when it comes to the older stuff but...
Here's hoping for new God Seed this year.
Just noticed they're $50 off on Amazon through the end of Jan too.
 Meh. It was ok. It wouldn't have made the cut on Reign in Blood or South of Heaven.
 True. All of the greats of the 80's have been letting us down for years. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth.... but on a positive note, there have been solid releases by Anthrax and Testament in the past few years. I don't think we'll ever have a period like 79-89 ever again as far as bands putting out several classics back to back. I mean, with the exception of the first 4-5 Opeth albums, how often do you see a series of releases like Kill 'em All-->Ride the Lightning-->Master...
The Sennheiser 4x8 and 4x9 series headphones are pretty easy to mod for increased bass. HD 428/429 are relatively cheap at ~$50 so you could experiment.
Thanks for the review. I'm interested in these as well. They look well made and every review I've read praises the sound.
I would say Kill 'em All, Reign in Blood, Rust in Peace. Repeat ad nauseum.
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