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Looks good. However, it basically transforms the earbuds into IEMs, which I for one am not looking for in a bud. Nevertheless maybe worth a try, they're available from amazon (in Germany as well).   Thanks
After a two-week vacation break from headphones, I listened to the Tingos again a few days ago at work. While the highs are still a bit overemphasized for my taste (and I'm as much a treble- as a basshead), I do have to admit I have been liking the TG38's sound more than before and found I was able to listen to them for a while without tiring of them. A good sign I suppose. I have had my trigger finger ready to buy M760s, M1 and EarBells, but with 5 pairs of earbuds and...
I assume you have the Apple iPods? IMHO these are tot too bad at all, and I for one prefer them to the TG-38.Your taste may vary of course, and as the others stated, the buds discussed here are cheap enough to buy them regardless.
Thanks maxjohnson, you nailed it.
Ooooh, you've got me interested  @BenF  I'm warming up to them. As I say, the longer you listen to them consecutively the more appealing they get. The sibilance is still kind of there, but I guess I'm getting used to that as well.Plus, I've been fidgeting with fit and am achieving better results through that as well.
I don't think this forum is a place to be afraid. I do think, however, that fit is absolutely critical, and that may be my issue. When I angle the buds towards my ear canals and hold them, the sound improves noticeably. Now if I can just get them to stay that way when I remove my hands...
Sorry, I can't access any of these. Grooveshark tells me they are not operating in Germany any more, and Youtube seems to have some issues and no videos are playing. But the sibilance seems to be gone anyway, or I just had a bad track at that moment...
Sorry, I didn't mean to discourage anyone from buying these!   Everyone's taste and hearing are different, so what may not please me could very well be exactly what you are looking for. As I said, they are not bad 'buds by any means, they just don't tickle my fancy the way the MX580 does for example. This may very well be due to the V-shaped sound signature of the MX which I love. In direct comparison, the Tingos just sound a bit weak and tinny to me. Once your brain...
Keep in mind that none of these have a mic.For that purpose I use Apple's Earpods, and - dare I say it - I love them! Actually rank right behind the MX580 with even better bass performance
Thanks for your comments guys, I will definitely give them some time and try again
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