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You wish and I obey. Still waiting for them to arrive.
I couldn't resist and I just ordered the HA-S770. Wednesday they should be home. Meanwhile the HA-S500 continues to burn-in and amaze me when I listen to them.
First no apologies are needed, I just was expanding the options adding Spanish to the mix.   Regarding your second topic, in Spain online shopping is fairly new so uncommon practices aren’t unheard of. To ask for your e-mail to be able to see a price it's not normal.   My experiences with e-sellers from Spain range from great to obnoxious, but so far I haven't had any serious trouble buying from my own country. Ebay in Spain is, well, erratic at best.   Even so JBC can be...
"precio" in Spanish.
   I have a friend in a Spanish forum that considers that highs in the S400 are nonexistent. Another one thinks that out of the box these same highs are one of the best he has heard in any portable headphone. I myself believe that the S400 lacks a bit of high energy for my liking.     My first friend is older than me, the second younger.   I believe that the S400 will be better for you than the s500 depending on the sensibility your hearing has to high...
+1. I find the S500 more tridimensional and more detailed in the mids. Even they are way behind the burn in process compared the S400 I like them a lot better.
I don't hope all that much for a 50mm CNT driver, but for a better constructed headphone with the S500 one. I feel that both the s500 and s400 weak points are in their design and construction quality. As well, I don't know if I could stand more bass and more highs than I am already getting. More quality in that sound spectrum I could use for sure.   As soon as my wallet get's a rest I will try these S770.  
That's the UE for us. VAT is around 20+% and the euro is too strong. To give you an example the SA400 goes here for 39€ MSRP that's $50.  I can imagine that if the S770 makes it to the states will be much cheaper than those $77 MSRP they are asking for over here.
Release date was October 2012.   I've found them in France:   and Spain:   I am so tempted, but I am waiting for a DT770 32 LE to arrive...
Yo are right. I opened a thread to discuss them in the full-size headphones forum.   They look promising and are nowhere to be found in the UE.  
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