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Thx for the effort AS, if you ever show up over here you are invited to "tapas y vinos".
Nooo, please do make us envious and do post your impressions soon... better now... invent them if needed.
Well the AEs are home. A couple of quick pictures:             These are my first Beyers so I can't compare with other models, but what I am hearing out of the box I like. They are quite neutral and fun. Only a tad of too much energy (harshness) in the high-mids region is bothering me... and maybe a slight boominess in the bass. Hopefully burn-in will take care of them (a least partially).  
Resonances and the problems derived from them won't disappear after  burn-in. But I believe that if you were succesuful modding the 750, the S770 shouldn't be a problem at all. Please document all the process so that we the less proficient can follow.
Great news.
Ok, after 100 hours of burn in I have to report that maybe the S770 are the first seriously flawed nanotube cans.    I'll begin with what I prefer from the S770 over the S500 (broken-in): voices sound more natural to me and… nothing else.   That lack of sub-bass and extended highs that I heard out of the box, remain. Sure after the 100 hours of burn-in everything sounds clearer, but it doesn´t matter because the little bass there is (compared to the S500) bleeds...
The T50RP is currently out on a loan. This weekend I'll have it back and then I'll post some currente comparitions. Fostex is great in mids and black background, both weak points of the S500 that has tons an tons more bass and highs.
After 20 hours of burn in, the S770 hasn't improved all that much. It sounds muffled and distant. Tonally it reminds me a lot the M-80 with less definition and transparency.   Burn-in goes on at much higher volume.
 Hi as soon as I have a moment I will post some pictures, but I can tell you now that the 770 looks sleeker from the front and has leaves less  space between head and band.
Ok the S770 are home.   Some pictures:             Soundwise... interesting out of the box they don’t sound like the S500 at all. Less bass, less highs,  good mids, and a more natural tone.  Are these  midcentric headphones? Too soon to tell, but it looks like it.
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