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   Yes, that's how I wear them. 
1.- I use them in the busy streets of Madrid and over the ear they isolate quite well.    2.- Over the ear I don't find them specially microphonic. I agree with you that cable and jack don't look all that strong or well made.    3.- Yes.    4.- If over the era is a no no, then they look as if you Thor's hammers sticking out of your ears. Weird. 
I need some advice. If the mid size JVC flange fits me best, which size sould I order of the Sennheiser bi-flanges? Thx. 
I find that the FXZ-200 excels with music that has natural bass and not too much compression (or none) in the mix:  Classical, Jazz, Blues, some Pop, Blue-Grass, Bossa… well you get my meaning.   From what I hear,  when the bass has been processed a lot, has been over compressed, or has been recorded poorly,  the experience is just painful.   This IEMs act as bass microscopes, which for me is a new experience and one that has me wondering if the sound engineers give...
If the Batman you are watching is the last one, check minute 48 to 51... batcopter is something else.  
  I loved it. It sounds great with the FXZ-200. Thx for sharing.
Not having that amount of tips I have settled for big stock tip in the left and medium in the right. 
    I definitely prefer the FXZ-200 over the SM3. Compared to the JVC I find that the Earsonic sounds artificial, shrilly, with no deep bass and portrays a much smaller soundscape. But then again you can say that the JVC has too much bass, recessed highs and less forward mids.    Burn-in, burn-in for both the FXZ-200 and our brains. 
Feliz Año Nuevo from Spain. 
Analogsurviver.   Thx a lot for all the effort and keeping us informed of such an interesting process. As soon as the holidays are over I'll try to "follow on your steps" and save my 770s from the hell-box of forgotten headphones.   I have a couple of side-related questions. I am trying to follow your instructions to burn-in the S500. Could you tell me where you established  the resonance frequency for these headphones. I am following you method as described in...
New Posts  All Forums: