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Are you getting them? 
For those that on the fence of buying these great cans.
I just got a pair yesterday for a great price in the Canary Islands (175€).     Some quick impression in poor english:   - They are really fast and hard hitting. In comparison the M-100 seem slow and lazy.    - Tonally I am not sure that they are natural. Neutral yes, but they sound a little bit metallic.    - Highs are precise and fast, but imho lack a little bit of air.   - Wonderful balance between detail,precision and musicality.    - I am big headed and...
I bought it from (out of stock now) and paid 9€ more than in, but it makes it easier to send back being in Madrid. Hopefully it won't be the case. As well I have located a dealer that would sell me the Pros for 224€ (A big maybe, but always after listening the Classics). 
Dumb quetion. How do you mesure those ohms???
  Thx for answering, ruffra.  So between solid OCC copper and solid non OCC silver you would go for the latter?    When you exchanged the provided cable for a OCC copper one did you hear any improvements? I am weary that pure non OCC silver would rend the X1 too sterile. 
I just got a pair of well burned in X1s in exchange of some Amperiors I didn't like all that much. So far  I am liking what I hear,   but I find the mids a tad recessed for my liking and would like to get a little bit more micro-detail if possible. I am thinking of upgrading the cable to either solid OCC copper or solid Silver (non OCC), materials for cables offered by a Spanish maker  that are within my budget.  For which of the materials do you think I should go? If...
Mochiil    How did you proceed?   500 hours of burn-in with deafening levels of bass heavy music? or just listening them at normal levels?    I enjoying my FXZ-200 a lot through mi Iriver H140+Arrow 4G, but I miss a little bit more air in the mids and highs... only 100 hours of burn-in as such, 200 if I add the ones I have been just listening. 
Better than V-.Moda M80, AKG550, Shure 940, Creative Aurvana Live   Similar to AKG K581 from what I can remember.    Less than my IEMs
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