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Only 1 second every 5-10? In my case is 1 second every 2... big fail. Pity. Maybe 2.3.1?
+1 Paired with the Dunu D2000 I prefer 2.1.0 to 2.1.5L2.  
Hi,    A question. Is there anyway to change the frequencies in the 8 band EQ?   Thx. 
 In Spanish, but quite informative. Hope it helps.
Lol.  I will.  Thx.
They do look similar, do you know for sure if  these are the ones Dunu is using?
I just got the DN2000 and I like what I hear, more than with any other tip, with  the foamy ones.  Sadly only one pair is provided. Do you know where I can find replacements? Thx. 
 Uups... hopefully not one more negative comments after I receive them. I'll let you know. 
 They should arrive in a couple of days and then I'll will confirm that they are Japanese:
I have a big head with average sized ears.  Clamp force is ok for me. The FSP (the FSC also) fit as on ears in the bottom of my ear lobes, but it doesn't bother me at all... insensitive ears I guess. 
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