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My headphones have low impedance (~40ohm), so they're loud even at lowest amp volumes. As I mentioned, the imbalance is only there when the volume control is barely turned up. It seems to me it might be just fine, e.g., other manufacturers consider it a normal thing:
1. I have a Fiio E09K amp. At low volume, the right channel seems to be louder than the left one. If I turn the volume up the channels balance out. Is this normal? 2. I do not know whether headphone "burn in" is a myth or not, but if it's not, does it happen on high volumes only? If headphones are always used on quite low volume, will they "burn in" anyway?
I'm just hoping it's just an error and it's all genuine since the overall build/packaging quality seems to be too high for a fake. I'll contact both Fiio and the retailer and see what they have to say.
That sucks.
I've just received my E09K. I'm all happy and ready to try it out when I noticed a sticker on the box which said I should check on fiio website for the product's authenticity. So I did. The website says it is fake. WTF???   I bought it through "fiio shop" (through which seems to be the same official german distributor that is listed on fio website.   I wonder if it's just a software problem.   Have you ever used the "Authenticity Check" feature on their...
I want to use my sound card's (X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro) DAC and connect it to a headphone amp (Fiio E09K, no DAC, only amp).   The sound card has line out and spdif out ports. Which port of the card should I use? What is the difference?   The amp has pre out, line out and aux in (RCA). Which one of these should I use? What is the difference?   I know I can use a 3.5mm to 2xRCA cable to connect line out to line out. What other combinations are possible and which is the best...
I'm pretty much set on buying DT770 Pros, but damn I can't pick the "ohmage". I will only use them with a desktop PC, amped (Fiio E09K).   From what I've read, most people are choosing between 80s and 250s. I would probably take the 250s, but it seems that they lack bass compared to 80s and I definitely don't want to miss that. Is that correct?   How does bass and treble compare between the two? What about soundstage? What is the most noticeable difference between...
I'm going to buy 32 ohm DT770s. The question is, which version is the better one - the limited (anniversary) edition or the regular one? This review suggests the former is an improvment over the latter:   What is your opinion?   Price difference is insignificant.   EDIT: Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.
 Directly to my sound card (X-Fi Fatality Pro).
Hello,   ATH-A900s were my first decent headphones which I still use but they're old and I'm considering replacing them with something better (nothing crazy expensive though). What I'm looking at right now is the HE-400 which seems to be reasonably priced and is getting good reviews. Would you consider this to be a worthwile upgrade? I'm a bit worried of losing bass going from closed to open cans. I just don't want to be disappointed, I guess.
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