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Could someone compare V281 with Master 9? Which one do you think would be a better match for LCD-XC? Is Master 9 more neutral?
How does Taurus MK2 compare to M9? For the life of me I cannot decide which one to buy for my LCD-XC (I have no option to test any of them either).
How does M9 compare to Taurus MK2? For the life of me I cannot decide which one to buy for my LCD-XC (I have no option to test any of them either).
I was going to buy a Master 9 amp but then I found out about Taurus MKII and now I'm not sure anymore :). Anyone had a chance to hear both? What are the differences between the two? Which one would you recommend and why? I'm using LCD-XC headphones.
I'm going to buy a Master-9 headphone amp for my LCD-XCs. I think I read somewhere that Audio-GD release new product revisions quite frequently and the fact that some products on their site are already marked as 2015 editions seems to confirm this. Does anyone know any info regarding Master-9 specifically? Should I wait for it to be updated before buying?
My headphones have low impedance (~40ohm), so they're loud even at lowest amp volumes. As I mentioned, the imbalance is only there when the volume control is barely turned up. It seems to me it might be just fine, e.g., other manufacturers consider it a normal thing:
1. I have a Fiio E09K amp. At low volume, the right channel seems to be louder than the left one. If I turn the volume up the channels balance out. Is this normal? 2. I do not know whether headphone "burn in" is a myth or not, but if it's not, does it happen on high volumes only? If headphones are always used on quite low volume, will they "burn in" anyway?
I'm just hoping it's just an error and it's all genuine since the overall build/packaging quality seems to be too high for a fake. I'll contact both Fiio and the retailer and see what they have to say.
That sucks.
I've just received my E09K. I'm all happy and ready to try it out when I noticed a sticker on the box which said I should check on fiio website for the product's authenticity. So I did. The website says it is fake. WTF???   I bought it through "fiio shop" (through which seems to be the same official german distributor that is listed on fio website.   I wonder if it's just a software problem.   Have you ever used the "Authenticity Check" feature on their...
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