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First off, a schematic would be very helpful in reviewing your circuit. As I see it, you have made a conceptual error with your circuit. If I am interpreting your diagram correctly, you haved moved the bass boost filter outside the feedback loop and connected it to the output. The bass boost filter must stay inside the feedback loop, in its original position, if it is to behave as you want it to. Unfortunately there is no easy way around that.
Well, one alternative is a dedicated soundcard. There is a very inexpensive one you can get (the Chaintech AV-710) that is not bad at all, and very good when properly amplified. It runs like $25-30US, and should fit the bill pretty well. As for an amp, a PIMETA or perhaps a Dynalo would fit very nicely in your remaining budget.
Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon / J.S. Bach - Mass in B Minor
Quote: Originally Posted by gloco Grado SR-60. Find any other $69 headphone that makes guitars sound that damn good and I'll give you a cookie. Used SR-80s Where's my cookie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Enverxis Metallica has no balls, so I dont listen to their music. Depriving yourself of an excellent back-catalog just because they sold out in the 90's is a shame, but whatever dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Mac I've trimmed down my can selection a little (just the HD580 and a pair of E2C). But I'm planning on making a set of cans using KSC75 drivers when they come in, so hopefully sometime mid/late january or later would be great. I'd love to get some more time hanging out with everyone. Hell yeah, man! Don't tell me you've ditched the grados!! Say it ain't so!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cousin Patty Throw on any Opeth cd and tell me you dont need a good set of cans to really get the most out of the music. A ton of metal bands dont just have distorted guitars alone, many bands mix styles. One minute it will be really heavy and the next minute very mellow and detailed. In my opinion metal needs pretty detailed cans because most metal (at least the stuff i listen to) tends to be very textured and also very...
I would give another vote for the Grado SR-60s or the MS-1s, but I would also recommend an amp. Grados are quite harsh without an amp, and the bass will be lean aswell. Invest in an A47, MINT, or something along those lines.
Quote: Originally Posted by DanT It remind me of this LOL You know you're in a hard core DIY forum when the babes in bikinis with guns gets ignored over the discussion of enclosures Camo bikini = yummy
Well, Sepultura was the band that started me on the way to the dark side, (coming straight off being a pure classical enthusiast! ) but Primus is probably the band that had the most long-term effect on me in that it opened up a world of quirky, amusing, and still technically interesting music.
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