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Quote: Originally Posted by K2Grey Noo! Now that you have mentioned THE VEIL, there will be war unending between Sennheiser fanboys and Grado fanboys over whether the Sennheisers are veiled or not and whether there is a limited selection of music appropriate for Senns or if they can play all music fine. It's second only to placebo effect in its applicability to Godwin's Law, wherein as the number of posts in a thread increases, the probability of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by ericj Yep. The resistor divider only works perfectly on paper, and only when you leave out a lot of known theory. If those were 600 ohm headphones, it wouldn't be such a big deal. With lower impedance headphones, more current is drawn, and as more current is drawn, the 'virtual ground' will get pushed closer to actual ground. So unless I've totally missed the plot, you're in a situation where you need a better virtual...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clutz Off topic: Come on Pork Soda, get those posts up to 500. I did it today, and YOU CAN TOO! Sooo... CLOSE.... AARRRRGGHH!!
Consider me tentatively in. I will have literally just moved into the Albany area, and assuming I can dig the gear in my sig out of the boxes, I will try and come meet the local head-fi'ers.
Well, looks like I will be making my way to Albany, NY soon, so I suppose I should officially consider myself "out" for this meet. Don't suppose there's any good meets going on in that area?
Here is djgardner's website, which has all the info I think the best way to buy boards is to PM djgardner directly. He has parts lists on the website, and where to buy them. It's a great amp in that you get a really great sounding amp for comparatively cheap, but there are a lot more parts and more work to do since it is fully discrete. If you decide to match transistors, just do a forum search for dynalo and matching...
Quote: Originally Posted by Clutz Off topic: Come on Pork Soda, get those posts up to 500. I did it today, and YOU CAN TOO! Lord knows I'm tryin. Start a thread on speaker amps and I am THERE
Quote: Originally Posted by Clutz Look for the Art of Electronics on EBay. Seconded. That is the greatest book on electronics EVAR
High impedence phones generally require more voltage to drive, hence you need greater rail voltage to prevent them from clipping. +/-4.5V is not enough for moderate to high impedence headphones, thus 18V is required. End of story.
The second circuit in MrX's post is the correct circuit. The best explanation I can offer for your old one not working is that you made a mistake in breadboarding it somewhere. Looking at the second thread you posted, it looks like your filter isn't properly positioned within the feedback loop. Again, circuit diagrams are tremendously helpful as they make mistakes much more obvious. P.S. MrX what program did you use to make those sexy circuit diagrams?
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