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Sick, up late, but still going! BTW am I an idiot for thinking I can drive in manhattan to get to the hotel? My only experience with manhattan is near the main downtown area which was pretty crazy. Never been to queens. Leaving in 1/2 hour, some advice would be appreciated on the off chance someone is reading this!
Yeah I am just making the point that if somebody made a standard 18V CMoy, cutting the resistance to less than half could result in a ton of current through the LEDs. Just pointing that out for the sake of clarity, and keeping the regs honest.
Quote: Originally Posted by tangent Slightly under half, to be precise. (There's an extra LED drop in there.) Why would it be (approximately) half? You need the same ammount of current, right?
I am pretty sure if you put an inductor between the output channel and ground that it will create a high-pass filter, and that any low frequencies will be shorted to ground, causing the op-amp to current saturate. So unless I am interpreting this wrong, that would be baaaad...
I know this is off topic, but how did you mod your Senn HD-25-1s?
I think you could do something like this with a 555 timer. In a simple square wave generator configuration, as the capacitance varies the frequency of the square wave output would vary (higher capacitance = lower frequency). Or, possibly if you get sneaky you could get it to vary the duty cycle with capacitance. In the case of the first one, you could hook it up to a frequency to voltage converter, and that should more or less give you what you want. If you can get it...
Hey I think they look cool. If I had a sufficiently nerdy GF I would make/buy something like that. Particularly the ones with resistors/diodes where its not obvious from a distance that it is electonics.
Quote: Originally Posted by ckunstadt reminds me of my honeymoon. oh, wait... that was the "slobber bob" technique. I don't know whether to pat you on the back or recoil in terror.
Damn I sold off one of those high end hickoks at a meet a while back, and only sold it for like $100 not knowing any better! EDIT: It was barely even used, too!
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