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i find lot of repetition ( which is licentiousness ) even in meshuggah  ultra repetitions + digital treatment makes lot of licentiousness hahaha, somewhat steryle   to say " futile " material   i don't know if i make any sense , anyhow is just how it feels to me      ps i like meshuggah.
what i find in mop - and maybe in some way also in Rtl and Kea , is very high grade lackness of licentiousness , which is a constant in music from classical to metal to pop ( licentiousness .. not the lack )   pure and rough ..   don't find quite the same in any other band , for trash , slayer and testament in ..
I will , thanks a lot for your up here , nice to know this lil story ..      
yep , i run ride the lightning and kill em along master of puppets , very regularly , and love them very much.   wil give a try to kreator , i know quite Overkill songs ,.. searching further though ..  
power vocals  are not for me
power vocals don't do it for me
good morning everybody . I've been into metal when I was younger , in particular I've been loving very much some Opeth production , Cynic , and lil other similar progressive metal , but well this two names are the one that have remained solidly in my tracklists   now my search is more around Metallica' , in particular master of puppets , I'm searching something similar .   Given that I've listened to Testament' A New Order & Legacy , on advice , and didn't find...
yeah I'm not discussing the bands or superiority , just sheer rough personal preference on these two albums . .
my favorite  , as for quite so many band i've run across ( and i've made up my mind up on this ) - is among the first materials they've trown out @ the world and the people - in particular is the piper at the gates of dawn   i really love and dig rough , birth material   as for metallica MoP , i've played Testament ( A New Order ) and other well known  former trash metal band , less similar though  , anyhow i can't find anything better then this ,, and i would...
Hi everybody and thanks who will help me solve this .   I love foobar ; i would like to know why on my pc foobar is able to rip from a .wav to an mp3 without problem  BUT IT WON'T DO IT WITH DSP EFFECT ENABLED )added) ON THE CONVERSION .   By the way it will not even permit me to convert from mp3 x-bitrate to another mp3 y-bitrate , this won't work  even  straight without the dsp effect    The error I get prompted is this :"    Conversion failed: The...
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