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I really liked it.
    Glad they weren't my thing at the time. A little too pricey for a 5751. 
    I have to agree. The Sylvanias I had were more refined but the GE TMBP had more punch to it. I preferred the dynamic range of the GE and that's why I sold off the Sylvania. Luckily the Ear+ HD only needs one tube. Pretty inexpensive to tube roll. 
    My v2 wires have not cracked after use for more than 3 years. It was the right angled connector that gave way though. On a brighter note, just received my tracking number from Heather for my new pair. 
No problem, glad to be of help. However, I still find Tubeworld's prices a little steep I don't remember paying more than $40 for my triple mica black plate when I bought it from eBay. Although your results may vary since it's hard to discern the quality when you purchase from eBay, so Tubeworld is a more reliable source in a sense.
For what it's worth I'm listening to the MAD Ear+ HD as well with the RS-1 and my tube is the 5751 GE black plate triple mica. I can't remember whether it's the D getter or the U getter because it's been so long since I've bought that tube (I think it was back in 2009). To my ears it sounded fantastic, and I even sold the Sylvania triple mica black plate gold pins (which were supposedly one of the best 5751s). I would seriously doubt the benefits of Cryo for tubes and...
I received the same email as well. Hope everything clears up.
I did send them a mail after they charged me inquiring about my order status unfortunately they have yet to reply and I have a bad feeling they won't.
I sure hope this issue is resolved quickly. The Atrio have been my favourite pair of in-ears for around 3 years now and they recently died on me. Used the coupon at to get a replacement and it would suck if it takes so long to deliver. I'm sending it to a friend in the States and he'll only be there until the end of the month.    That said, if everything goes through I can't wait to hear them. These MG7 drivers sound like a large improvement.   
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