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Thanks to all who have kept this thread going.  I sent my original (Alien Ears) C-3's to Alien ears for a remold for my friend as I have purchased some JH13's also being remolded at Alien Ears.AE is really backed up and I'm not getting the email or phone response I expected but hopefully they will ship out soon and I'll be sure to post PICs here
Custom IEMs are something that you just have to buy to try. Even universal versions floating aroung shops and meets cannot show the true sense of a custom.. JH audio reviews outshine AE's so much that even their single drivers have turned people away from AE, Apples and Oranges.
I was one of the first to post in  this thread way back in September of '08. My C-3's have been going strong this whole time. Still fit well and sound as good as the day I got them.  My more recent experience with Alien Ears however, has been more "User Unfriendly" I never thought that I would be able to afford to upgrade to Jerry Harvey JH13's, but I recently found a pair here at head-Fi and decided to get them re-shelled at AE.I opted for a professional set of...
Thanks for resurrecting my lifeless thread. Nice artwork.
Looks like everybody had a Great Time. I wish I could have been there, but this weekend was the worst. Both of the other Weekend/Graveyard techs were gone so I had no one to ask to cover my Sunday shift. Lokk forward to the next one and the new store Cheers
I haven't been able to come to either the the Seattle meets or even the stumptown greets so I'm gonna need to be there for this one " Come Hell of High Water". I'll bring some of my DIY stuff and the following   Ray Samuels "Protector" w/ multiple balance adapters dual mono 1/4 " dual XLR 4 pin mini XLR   HiFiMan EF-2   Little Singer HA1   My DIY Briefcase amp.   Hammacher Schlemmer Zebrawood headphones 1 balanced 1 single ended   DIY...
The weekend of the 22nd is a NO GO for me. I can do the 29th !
Frecking bought my Compass..  Great communications, Super Fast instant payment. Highly recommend !!!
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