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Headphone comfortability is really personal.. For me all headphones I have owned have become uncomfortable after 2 hours listening or so.
recently as I've been listening to some metal music I've added 4 to 10dB of bass boost at 50-125hz range on my Fostex T20RP. (analog bass boost sounds clean and not muddy at all.) This turns them from a sterile, boring sounding can to a really heavy rocking beast.
wtf is this thread  Different headphones for different subgenres REALLY?
Who would even suspect this would be an ad??    Interesting headphones nonetheless. I really think dsp can improve the sound of a headphone.. the same dsp used in one of their bookshelf speakers was quite succesful. 
In nearfield you rarely exceed 1 watt power anyway. 15 watts is way over 90dB.
I've also read the 250ohm is more balanced. The fiio has a bass boost too if they sound too light in bass.   I used to always get enough volume out of 80ohm DT770's out of mobile sources even, but they sound better with an amp..
snake oil
+1, you can get a very good 90's B&W bookshelf pair for around 100-150$ and they will last forever. Vintage amps cost next to nothing, or you can just get a cheap TA2020 based amp with them first and upgrade later..
you must have monkey hearing :D Considering human hearing is -30dB down at 10hz
why would someone push 20hz sine wave at headphones? especially the DT48 which dont play that much below 60hz anyway
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