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Cool to find a vaping thread here . Just got my Protank 2 with aerobase and testing it out with my iTaste MVP. It's also my first tank I purchased. Quite like it, with the aerobase it's almost exactly like an aerotank but cheaper. edit: updated pic  
I would buy the audio interface and then later upgrade to O2 amplifier if I was in your situation. I think the DACs in those interfaces are pretty good these days. Wouldn't drive an SRH1440 off the headphone jacks though.
Was the cost 499$? too bad it still reads Creative on it.
The design looks like it could be more comfortable in pocket than the previous version.
That is crazy and im jealous.    If I didnt have special real life right now I would probably buy another DT48 and experiment their sound with a couple of different sources. Fun testing. I miss the DT48 "sound".
I tried the HD700 recently too, just out of my mobile phone. Was impressed by the bass, very extended and punchy. Overall very fatigue free sound, lots of detail on the hi-end. I could live with these.
I was supposed to believe that higher ohm headphones have thinner voice coils or something. That would make me think there could well be a sound difference.
I started my head-fi career with the DT770. Sold them few years ago but I will buy them back some day. They were lots of fun-phones.
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