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The K420 is a pretty interesting pair of portables. I would go check them out if I were you.
Can't remember any open portable models right now. Expect for the usual Portapros and PX100's.   Most portable headphones are some lifestyle consumer crap****. And they don't sound like the K240 
Running HD600 without amp? No. Just keep the O2 in the chain, trust me.   Also the method Brooko said I recommend trying that. There IS difference, maybe you will not hear it yet but then your wasting part of HD600's potential anyway.
The DT660 is quite unpopular can around here.    I'd bet DT150 is a better can overall.
Well O2 and your computers soundcard probably both measure flat. So they sound "the same".    In fact they don't. With O2 you get much lower distortion and more gain. Listen to some uncompressed music with some peaks, it should become REALLY noticeable. Try playing some (uncompressed) real hard hitting drums for example. Without amp there is not much dynamics and the HD600 will sound like a pair of cheap cans. With O2 the HD600 will sound just as big as the drums were...
How about a pair of K141's (K142HD is the consumer version)   Same drivers as K240 I guess.
That's BS in my opinion. If they sound bad out of the package, they sound bad. Maybe they are broken!
You won't notice a difference with compressed material. Yes the HD600 sounded excellent right out of my cellphone too.   Play some high dynamic classical, or theatrical (with some bass) and no, your PC or cellphone can't power the HD600. They will sound anemic.
Volume knob position doesn't have anything to do with the actual power of the amplifier.
buy some acetone, (nail polisher may do)   beware it will also clean off any paint on the surface and could even melt plastic. 
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