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  Netsky's older songs always brings me some nice vibes. The newer ones are not mixed that good imo.
Gorgeous setup with those JBL's. 
Has anyone listened to their headphones and speakers at the same time? I'm currently using my desktop monitors and Fostex T20RP at the same time. I think it sounds a bit better than listening to either of them, like they were complementing each other lol. Anyone tried this?   I have also always been wondering what if you used a well equalized subwoofer to go along with your headphones? For movies, for example. 
They are the T20RP version btw. Yes they are bought from head-fi and modded, I don't know what mods there have been done though.
I swear these headphones are expectional.   Does anyone else think of "effortless detail" when listening to these? Like you can hear all the detail, but it doesn't scream at you one bit.    I could see myself getting fatigued at the slightly too present midrange, but otherwise these are sounding to good
I have the 400ohm vintage DT100's. They are super weird headphones. Very colored but still revealing at the same time, and the soundstage is big.
I think these have a great potential. I've been wondering why it hasn't been made before. Also the price tag is not that bad considering it has a built in amp.   With an integrated amplifier they could easily factory equalize the drivers to be much better than possible with a passive system..
Mounting monitors not designed to be used horizontally might disturb the midrange, at least so it reads in my speakers manual.   I have tried both on my speakers and didn't notice a big difference. 
Just got myself first pair of orthos, the T20RP. Should be receiving them by the end of the week. Waiting eagerly to hear them.
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