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So how do they sound like?
Isn't the JDS Labs cMoy (or any cmoy for that matter) the same thing as the old Grado "hi-end" amplifier they sold for over 200$?
I remember there was some youtube video that explained pretty well how to clean velours, but I couldn't find it now.    Btw, if they smell bad, putting them in the freezer for a day can help kill the bacteria and the smell
+1 this one, this is exactly what you're looking for if you want a brighter headphone than HD600 series.. Acoustic guitars and such sound very crisp through them, compared to HD600. HD600 almost sounds muddy in comparison. But then the treble gets fatiguing..
I think the new K240, the 55ohm version, doesn't need that of a monster amp. I drive mine out of a studio interface DAC, but they sound just fine out of an iPod too.   You could try them first, and if they are not loud enough, then later invest in a bigger amp, like a FiiO E11.   The reason why I recommend open headphones is that they usually sport better sound quality for the same price, in case one doesn't need isolation.
I'd say first decide if you want closed headphones or not. If you don't absolutely need the isolation, then I'd recommend getting semi-open or open headphones.   AKG K240 is a fine choice, they are affordable, yet have a good clarity and separation, warm musical sound and enough bass for most needs.
 Interesting. The DT190 manual states the following: 
I dunno but you could build similar system on any table, just buy some generic speaker stands and place them around your table. 
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