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dt's hit lowest i've heard in a hp even tho lacking impact thats why I was thinking them too    I think im going with the xones, audio technica drivers in them too! might bass boost them with fiio.
Recommend me: I need dj headphones, that have more bass extension than Koss Pro DJ100 at price 200€ max    I could buy a pair of xone xd-53 used but dunno if they better than the koss   p.s DT770 is not dj headphone
comparing open-back headphone to a closed one. They are very different.  The HRM-7 looks interesting. I heard some low-end Pioneer iem's and they got me interested in this brand with their impressive sound.
L520 has muddiest hp output i've heard on some of my iem's. might dependent on hp impedance
Still using my K323's, today compared to them to my other portable headphone, Koss Portapro. After the akg's, portapros sounded very anxieting. Muddy in comparison, less soundstage, less defined, worse transient response. They sound almost cable broken in comparison..
all harman products are ugly designed
the headphones in my avatar (beyerdynamic dt100) are ~15-30 years old and work perfect :D
Active headphones, I liek it. . so many benefits..    I want to try a pair, so they are not cheap drivers with a lot of crap, but a complete hi-end package.
Try iphone 5 too, has good enough camera imo (with vsco). Windows phone is just garbage, friend has a broken 1020 that crashes by itself 2-3 times per day. I have a Lumia 520 and it has a ****ty hp output.
tip of the day: get better sound quality by wearing a beanie under the headphones  guaranteed working 100%. I will write a review of this mod later on comparing different beanie types.   note: works best for EDM music.
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