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I'd say first decide if you want closed headphones or not. If you don't absolutely need the isolation, then I'd recommend getting semi-open or open headphones.   AKG K240 is a fine choice, they are affordable, yet have a good clarity and separation, warm musical sound and enough bass for most needs.
 Interesting. The DT190 manual states the following: 
I dunno but you could build similar system on any table, just buy some generic speaker stands and place them around your table. 
I watched the movie and hated it. But yeah the book is about some group of people who do hard drugs and lots of bad things/that sort of stuff. Maybe the subject won't attract everyone but it's very well written. 
Reviving an old thread, yeah   Just discovered Pandora through a friend today, I find it very hard to believe the sound quality would be 64kbps only. It sounds very good even through my better gear (listening through studio monitors as im typing)
Beyerdynamic DT770 250OHM + FiiO E11   AKG K550 + FiiO E11   Shure SRH840 + FiiO E11   Audio Technica ATH-M50 + FiiO E11
  This is one addicting read, if you know what I mean ;)
Could you post a few pics with the "gradoed" PX100's? I'm curious, because I could try building the cups out of metal.
PX100-II review | A new competitor to the Koss Porta Pro, nothing more!   Preview: The new Sennheiser PX100-II has overdone bass, with decent mids and typical on-ear headphone sound. Nothing special. They look pretty good at only 46$. Not for critical listening, decent for a good looking portable headphone.   Title fixe'd, and same text with hype removed. :troll:
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