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Just imagine if they voiced them differently for different markets    what a confusing HD598 apprecation thread would that make
My headphones read "LEFT" and the other earpiece reads "RIGHT".....   Anyone knows if there's something wrong or should I return them?? 
Can you even get sound out of those with E10?
You're too apparent, mr troll.
AKG K240 sounds like "more warmth and less treble" compared to HD598. What do others think? They are quite detailed too, as studio phones they are.
O2 + 2dB high frequency rollof with eq (optionally +1-2dB below 100hz too)   :trolls:
In which areas? I heard someone saying it has too big an output impedance; that would lead to increased bass, and to some people "excitement" but not actual clarity-
 I think there aren't too many 2- or 3-way headphones in the headphone market, I know only some cheap ones, and the AKG K270 series, which I think never was intended for audiophile use though.
No but we are talking about full sized, over the ear headphones here 
Anyone got experience with the Pandora headphones? Two drivers - BA for mids and highs, and a dynamic driver takes care of the low end.  This sounds like a headphone I sometimes imagine in my head, why hasn't it been made before?
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