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why would someone push 20hz sine wave at headphones? especially the DT48 which dont play that much below 60hz anyway
no, but they look cool and super swag. 
Could someone recommend me some new eartips? I managed to lose the original ones that came with these.    I'm using the smallest tips, but left side iem keeps dropping out of my ears.
Yes i'm sure Class D amp is better for subwoofers. 
Running them out of my iPod (compared to Lumia) seems to be giving a much much more balanced sound. I was actually a bit disappointed in their sound before, as I had read all the rave reviews, but now they start to sound really good. Way better than other iem's I've heard in this price range such as CX300's.
Bought the K323 today, so far they sound quite ok.. Haven't had hp's with this much bass for a while.  Need to try with other tips to see if they balance out a little though. 
maybe try some good open headphones then? Sennheiser HD 598/600/700, AKG K612/K712, Beyerdynamic DT880 to name a few.    For most of these u need an amp, but u can always start with a cheap one and upgrade later. 
Of course it is.
The sub is there just for testing and stuff.. I don't normally use it, the genelecs lack a hi pass filter so there is lots of phase issues.. Planning on getting dual Adam 7 subs some day (for better frequency response) to finish the setup. I love the setup so far - With acoustic treatment it sounds like a real studio on your desk..  Was thinking of these:http://www.thomann.de/fi/the_takustik_isopad_6.htm I'm not sure if they work with these speakers since they have reflex...
My setup is still a bit temporary but I won't remove it this time... Just got new speaker stands, next im going to get some better isopads and digital equalizer for the speaker setup.    
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