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Could someone point me in some direction on how to build a notch filter to tame treble 2-3dB?   I have those headphones on my avatar but they are a bit too bright. It needs to be hardware, cause I use software that uses asio drivers, gaming etc so I can't have eq in those.   can't buy an amp/dac either, because sound has to come out of my pc mixer or dac. 
try to relax and take another listen.. my hp's always sound worse when im stressed and you seem pretty stressed about the situation 
quitted completely, started smoking analogs, now back to e-cig Mini iStick + iClear 16, modest but does the job
my testing tracks are usually:      Then there's three 6 mafia - late nite tip, and finally cause i'm drum and bass fan:      (god this track sounds crisp on the xones)
Oh yes exactly im not blaming you though   I got the adapter and amped them, my focusrite dac seems to improve the sound quality quite a bit compared to my laptop onboard. bass has more definition and a bit more punch too and highs are cleaner. Then again they didnt work so well with the vintage cheap marantz receiver, maybe the output impedance is too high or something. got even more bass but I can hear the amp sounds harsh, and the soundstage collapsed a bit.  (sry for...
got the Xone XD-53's. havent tried them amped but without amp these are pretty flat sounding phones. No (basshead) thumping bass here. extremely detailed mids and bright top. pretty weirdly wide soundstage with accurate placement of sounds. Freq response wise a bit like AKG K550, but more aggressive and detailed. They sound a bit like a mixing tool. dude are u high?? 
dt's hit lowest i've heard in a hp even tho lacking impact thats why I was thinking them too    I think im going with the xones, audio technica drivers in them too! might bass boost them with fiio.
Recommend me: I need dj headphones, that have more bass extension than Koss Pro DJ100 at price 200€ max    I could buy a pair of xone xd-53 used but dunno if they better than the koss   p.s DT770 is not dj headphone
comparing open-back headphone to a closed one. They are very different.  The HRM-7 looks interesting. I heard some low-end Pioneer iem's and they got me interested in this brand with their impressive sound.
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