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I raise the offer by 5$ plus army grade wool socks.
What amp are you using for the B&W 685s?
Recommended these to my friend over a pair of Siberia gaming headsets, he is very satisified with the purchase.   My short review:   Most comfortable headphones i've worn in this price category. The build quality is as good as 300$ AKG's. They look MUCH better in real life than they do in pictures. Very solid feel to them.   Sound: First off the bass extends really low, almost or just like a DT770! Yet there is good detail in the mids and highs, no sibilance no...
What do you exactly mean?    I don't think they can design a good sounding 3-way speaker at that price point. Third driver more like a gimmick to attract studio noobs into buying these speakers.   Found a review of them here:   That doesn't really tell anything about the sound quality unfortunately.
For general listening and music, spotify is good enough. For audiophile music/holic sessions I use FLAC files.
Closed and open backed headphones? or just for bad_headphone -reference?
Are you guys using the rubber pads or the over-ear pads in your DT48? Is one better than another?
Nice LS50.. They have gotten some rave reviews in every mag I've seen them in.
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