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Need better sound to get into the real effect.
This is pretty nicely put. Rather than being all OCD about your hobby, just enjoy the **** off your gear.
Cables are like drugs.   You can enjoy them but don't tell me I should buy them.
The stuff you say here I (and we) can second. Also the build quality is the most professional feeling you will ever see in a headphone. They are like a tool meant to be used. Talking about aluminium diaphragms, is there a reason why most studio monitors use aluminium diaphragms in their tweeters?  
If you want to try the "velour" feeling of sound, and you have leather pads try using your DT100 without pads at all! It hurts your ears and sounds crazy but you get the idea of the sound    Then play something like Rodrigo Y Gabriela. I recommend a good amp, I used a vintage amp which powered my 400ohm DT100's perfectly. 
I had very old torn apart velour pads on them first, they didnt seal correctly. With them midrange and especially acoustic guitars were among the best I've heard. No bass at all, though. Now I have new leather pads. Midrange sounds a bit more "muddy" and lower midrange is somewhat colored. But there is now some bass and they work better with general music and listening. The version DT100 I have is, I think over 30 years old. So the new ones might sound improved.
I bet you would get better answers in the amplifier section on this forum :)
I found my DT100 to be more detailed than HD600. I can also second that O2 + HD600 is a really good combo.
Tbh the finishing quality in the pictures doesn't look like a hi-end amp. Is this supposed to be one? I like the digital volume control and other features though, very nice.
  Fostex T20RP are my main headphones currently, driven right out of my Focusrite DAC or vintage integrated amplifier. (No huge change in sound, but vintage gives more clean volume)
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