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Question is; placebo or not? These ISO acoustics tablestands look really nice, they are supposed to isolate them from vibration too. Pretty expensive though 
XRonbertX, You may try to angle the speakers a bit upwards; like this, to have the tweeter at your ear level
What output you used for driving them? Just curious.
If that thing has a 130 ohm output impedance, it would totally screw the freq response of your headphones.    What model B&W speakers you were comparing them to? 
I think this is a bit wrong forum for that; there is another sub forum for headphone amps.
damn that makes me want to buy them to try them. does the sub bass go as low as.. say an DT770?
I would have a look at the price of the new G8xx Pentiums if I was going to purchase a dual-core Phenom. They tend to be more efficient; less noise. 
Gotta love the modern AKG look, nice pics too!
DT48 are huge too. And heavy. Plus they are 200ohm, yet very easy to drive. And I use them when i'm travelling every now and then. Problem?
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