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You think MP3 really sounds that bad?
Isn't the sound in digital format when it is in your usb cable?  Thus it would make no difference sound wise to have usb isolator between computer and the DAC.
Question is; placebo or not? These ISO acoustics tablestands look really nice, they are supposed to isolate them from vibration too. Pretty expensive though 
XRonbertX, You may try to angle the speakers a bit upwards; like this, to have the tweeter at your ear level
What output you used for driving them? Just curious.
If that thing has a 130 ohm output impedance, it would totally screw the freq response of your headphones.    What model B&W speakers you were comparing them to? 
I think this is a bit wrong forum for that; there is another sub forum for headphone amps.
damn that makes me want to buy them to try them. does the sub bass go as low as.. say an DT770?
I would have a look at the price of the new G8xx Pentiums if I was going to purchase a dual-core Phenom. They tend to be more efficient; less noise. 
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