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Wrong on so many levels. Maybe it's the super lousy bass blurring things up then. No it isn't. They still don't have the same resolving mids my studio monitors have. with -2dB treble setting, in acoustically treated room, they are not bright either.   Then we could speak about pinpoint imaging accuracy. HD600 doesn't even try to know what it is. It's just a blurred mess, trust me.
When you hear some real headphones, you will notice that HD600 sounds smeary and doesn't resolve details that well. That said, they are still the best *sounding* headphone I've ever heard.
thread title change "Why the heck would someone steal a thing that is impossible to sell?"  
I think HD700 sacrificed best frequency response for better transient response. But I haven't heard them side by side. Then there is a thing called equalizer..
I don't consider robin hood a bad human being     still sad for the people who don't get to hear orpheus.
can u post some differences on them? I only heard HD700 unamped, the bass sounded a bit tighter than HD600 and they were way brighter. More "flat" but I can't say if more natural.
I personally think it would be completely idiotic to be sad for a big company that has the money to make hundreds of those headphones if they wanted to. This is simply good advertisement for them, now more people get to know that the company that made their 20$ headphones in China, also makes some actually good products. I'm sad for the people who won't get to hear Orpheus because of this.
haha wat
  had to buy one of these, lenovo k3 note
How much is this in mW @300ohm and @36ohm? Will it sound better than if I just plug a Fiio E5 on the output of my android phone, which has a very nice dac in itself?
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