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I think the DT100 were just made for midrange detail, not enjoyable music listening. Like with DT48 you can hear some nice midrange transients, but they were not as transparent as the DT48 either.  Having owned the two I've had lots of fun comparing them side by side. Also my DT100 has terrible coloration in 250-500hz range, which makes for a honky sound. That could improve clarity in speech applications, I don't know. You can get used to it, but listening to something...
Does anyone know of a guide how to open the headphones headband assembly. On my T20 the two small plastic "spikes" that keep the earpieces locked in place are broken. So I need to open them up and see what I can do..
DT100 is more accurate in the mids, more detail. HD600 is a bit blurred but more bass and much more relaxed presentation )
Looks like a Sennheiser HD625 :D Nice work.
a-haa, beats with much better looks and build quality?
You need to tame the highs with EQ. Or if you want to go that route, a passive filter.    With some taming of the highs these are very capable headphones. I'm currently using -3dB 14k, -2dB 16k, -1dB 12k for the highs and a little bit of bass boost. Sounds way more natural.   Mine are also modded with some blutac to prevent the insides from resonating. I think this improved imaging, and midrange depth. But then again while tighter, there is further -3dB loss of bass...
First time building cables. Bought a neutrik 6.3mm jack for my new cable. Pretty simple looking but has a great quality feel to it.     edit: looks better in real life. I had no other cable available for the end piece so I used cat5 xD At least the headphones sound good.
That's so crazy 
I put some thick pillows in front of my speakers, so they are essentially two small subwoofers now. This is crazy. Ortho mids and transient response with some bass that you can feel in your chair. 
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