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What is hifi? Accurate sound reproduction at natural SPL.  If you listen at 60dB volume all the time, it really doesn't matter do you have a pair of Koss Portapros or Stax
use high volume and listen at the peaks in the vocal, then quickly switch between abc (1-2sec max) 
I was stuck at that too. I think the source file sucks. But once I learned to listen to the right part I noticed that the "artifacted" sounded terrible in comparison. edit: to my surprise the difference was not so much on high frequencies that I focused on, but vocal/overall dynamics..
I'd buy 250ohm so you can also use bigger variety of amps in the future. if you decide to try vintage amps for example, they wont work so well with 32ohm version..
I think DT880, HD650 etc.. they are all so good its down to personal preference..
I would steal but only if I couldn't afford eating otherwise. Now let's get back to the Orpheus thief, should we give him some advice on where to sell that thing if he happens to read head-fi? I would return it to a museum or something.
Ok, so I said it before and two? person after that said the HD600 doesn't have the resolution of the better cans. i'm bad at recognizing trolls but you must be a troll or just pretty ******* ignorant.
http://www.filmmusicmag.com/?p=2919 HD600 is such a buttery smooth headphone that it might be hard to digest it's actually technically quite bad.
There is another thing where flagships are better than mid-priced headphones; linearity at high sound pressure levels. They sound the same played quietly or loud.    HD600 starts to distort, and bass gets out of control when you push them with a real recording.    Do you know why hifi speakers use silk dome tweeters, while most studio monitors have aluminium/titanium as their tweeter material? Both have flat frequency response, but somehow the aluminium tweeter is just...
Wrong on so many levels. Maybe it's the super lousy bass blurring things up then. No it isn't. They still don't have the same resolving mids my studio monitors have. with -2dB treble setting, in acoustically treated room, they are not bright either.   Then we could speak about pinpoint imaging accuracy. HD600 doesn't even try to know what it is. It's just a blurred mess, trust me.
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