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Take a loan of something like Benchmark DAC2, and compare them yourself. :) You may find the difference is quite so big, that you would not even come here to tell about it anymore.
Old sony vaio's had pretty decent realtek in it. Sounded much better than dell/hp business laptops in the same price.
I've been using testing these recent days.. One thing I noticed with DT770-80 is that you should wear them very tightly gripped on your head, almost not letting them go over your ear.. Mine is set at tightest possible headband setting . If you wear them loosely, you will gain 5-10dB treble and they will sound ****ty and sibilant. With a tight fit you may lose some soundstage but the sound is much much more balanced..
hmm .. I had cut the plastic grill in half on my Portapros. Result is much more natural sound with better dynamics and imaging. They are still crap, but at least they are now listenable. Drums sound tighter and punchier, bass has slightly less overhang. If you plan to mod them AT LEAST remove the mid-piece from the plastic grille. No need for a drill.
I just bought this kangertech sub-ohm kit (which is fantastic, by the way!) but there's a problem like, everytime I vape it longer than 2sec it makes this "slurp" sound.. Like someone sucking a dick in a cheesy porn movie..,. you know.. Does anybody else have experience with this "slurp" sound and to get rid of it?
How can they change the sound of the headphones so drastically with no information on the product site - or elsewhere?
I really like the look of HD6 Mix, possible christmas purchase   I hope they sound a bit like the HD600, with deeper sub bass. Am I expecting too much?  
dsp controlled bass eq would be nice.
Vintage analog mixer + Xone XD53 + 10dB of clean analog bass boost = different kind of nirvana..     
    got this in vinyl
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