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Just got myself first pair of orthos, the T20RP. Should be receiving them by the end of the week. Waiting eagerly to hear them.
I got Tech Guru too. I like how the answer is actually pretty accurate
They are only 4 years old. They were almost brand new when I got them (1,5 years ago), the earpads were still very stiff and didnt get a good seal at first. It's the 200ohm version.    I bought them to try them out, and I found them really good. But they are a bit expensive to keep, since I've not been using them so much lately.
My AKG K142HD's had broke after 8 months of use. The soldering inside the headphone had failed, cable was fine.    Just brought the headphones home from service yesterday, AKG/distributor gave a brand new pair, pretty nice!
I put my DT48's for sale. I'm not so sure if I want to sell them. They are just way more detailed than my Genelec monitors, less "smeared" in every way. 
Thanks, got them fixed =)     I think the pads are OK, maybe a bit worn, expect they get a much tighter seal on my head now compared to when they were newer.
Anyone knows how to remove these plastic discs under the pads? my left one is misaligned and I've tried everything but it wont move.
  ahh a crappy quality pic
Oh I was looking at that same unit today. It could work as a low pass filter for my diy subwoofers while I could also apply some eq on my main speakers with it.. Do you hear any coloration in its sound? 
What model/brand is that eq? 
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