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  Finally got my Genelecs ;) Sounds brilliant.   I think that article gives a pretty good basic understanding on what acoustic treatment is!   [[SPOILER]]   They can look good too.   But i'm no expert on this so if are interested, you could make a separate thread for it and ask from the guys who know more about the subject :   Edit: so yeah I recommend reading through the article, so you get basic understanding what to treat, and why, and how thick...
Just bought a pair of these new Genelec M030's. Waiting for them to arrive, hopefully next week!   
Soo nice and professional. Btw if you wanted you could try adding some acoustic treatment on the back wall/side walls if possible. It can make a huge difference.
Thx for the link. They seem to use the same Peerless units which I mentioned. I'm currently using those drivers on my desktop setup, sounds pretty good. They cost 30€ each btw. these speakers cost 20000$ and they might be using those drivers for their midrange as well, expect it might be the inverted surround version, 830987. But im not sure.
Are you using Peerless 830986 in that speaker as a bass/midrange?    If, then I wonder how they sound with the tweeter? And how is the d' appolito designed? Is it both bass drivers playing same frequencies or second driver handling only the bass?
Now I listened to "Culprate - Tentacle". In the recording there is a slight sound like there was stuff dropping into the ground.. I took the headphones three times off and started thinking I was schizophrenic, since it sounded so real.
Just listening to "Amy Winehouse - You know i'm no good". Wow, this clarity is unmatched.   Only bad thing is that there is slight distortion in the recording, it sounds slightly like some kind of vinyl scratch. More pronounced on right channel. Easily heard with the DT48....
Yeah metallic drivers, when done wrong they can sound shrill. Good examples are some cheapo studio monitors, such as Behringer B2030's.   But when done right (Beyerdynamic DT48) they can sound incredibly realistic. IMO
Wth.   What kind of audiophile wants their mid bass to be boosted? Even my DT48 will give satisfying mid bass, but the sub bass is what they lack. A weird decision.
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