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What's that speaker model/make? Looks pretty rad
 I'd rather be worried of the floor. 
I think he had a good point though. It's a bit like watching an action movie without sounds.    If you can't hear the stage and "be there" with the music, you're missing a lot from the full experience.
Here is your previous thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/684693/what-is-the-best-one-of-these-speakers-vote#post_9867220   I don't recommend spamming, that will just make you banned.
Found this pic from google. Google always helps!   It seems your Dayton sub has hi-level inputs, so that seems the easiest way to wire it.
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1462834/micca-mb-42-bookshelf-speaker-is-this-any-good Here's someone comparing BS22 to the Micca's I found. Wouldn't completely rely on that but it can still be worth something. I checked the speakers sensitivity and they are both rated at 85dB/watt I think. Both a little unsensitive for that little amp, but enough to fill a small room.  You might just wanna get the cheaper Micca's, and add a subwoofer when you can afford it. That iPod has a good...
Rather have a good 55Hz - 20kHz than a bad 35Hz - 20kHz xD
Lepai's one beast of an amp for the price. Sometimes I feel like I would like to sell my system, and buy cheaper system with a T-class amp again, just to see how good performance you can really get for such little money. Just for the hobby.
I liked that.. I remember when I tried to listen to Diana Krall. At first I was like.. Hmm, this sounds pretty good. Few minutes after I was like, what the f** am I listening to? The real side of me would never listen to this kind of music. But it just sounded so good on my system. It's weird. I have some songs that I listen to just for that one especially well recorded instrument, for example if the drum hits sound very natural, I may like that album just for that alone....
Yeah maybe the cheap headphones are just distorting the sub bass, creating a thick texture which may sound pleasing to you? But is not real to the signal?
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