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JBL's any time of the day and night and evening   Haven't heard either, just assuming   cheers
There are some (rather expensive) 2.1 sets that do not use any hi-pass filtering for the satellites:   It might or might not be required with the A2. They can go quite a bit louder with some hi-pass filtering tho.   One cheap active crossover for example is the minidsp: 99$ You can also separately equalize each channels with it +do lots of...
 I remember I digged them with acoustic guitars, Rodrigo y Gabriela for example.. Guitars had a nice body. Dunno.. Haven't listened to them for a while really, and never got to listen properly because I need new pads for them. Never would use them as main cans though. They are just refreshing to listen to once in a while if you know what I mean.
They are not 300$ though, but 300$ each. Just clarifying so nobody will get it mixed.   Thoughts? Well if they have trouble making a good 2-way speaker at that price, why try to make a 3-way?
 It is really rewarding though. Unlike things like, changing cables.
How so? I would swear they'd had cracked to pieces if I had dropped mine. I babyhandled them because they looked so fragile. Compared to "tanks" like DT770 etc, typical dynamic cans for example.
I found the plastic on the SR-202 at least a bit disgusting actually, reminded me of some old Nokia phones. I like the way they look, though.
Is there actually a known reason why Stax never upgrades their products appearance? Also why are the headphones produced of such cheap plastic?   I mean 90% people actually considering buying those products are probably put off by their looks. 
I find absorption material somehow addictive, at first I was making 2" thick panels. When I played few of my first songs and noticed the increased 3Dness +tighter bass, soon I was making 4" panels. Now i'm planning on getting even more absorption material.   It would be so awesome to get to listen to some proper studio monitors in actual studio environment. How would it sound like? Is it really "too analytical" for listening like people say?
From the B&W headphones I've auditioned I've made the conclusion that they are a status product for rich people, maybe for the people who also own B&W speaker gear. But not for the "real" audiophiles
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