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Amon Tobin. I just discovered him, and he has a very unique style and sounds.    This is not the best example, but I love the song:     Also recommend listening to "Kitty cat", "Piece of Paper" from him for more reference..
Sound similar to Logitech Z623? I recommend the Superlux HD651. They are veery cheap too! But don't attack on me once you receive them
Yeah, I was looking at the NHT SuperZeros too, when I was looking for speakers. With a t-class amp they might give some terrific value for money. But i'd still any of these powered monitors are better choice than say, a basic av receiver and pair of typical low-end bookshelf speakers that a newb could go and buy from their local bestbuy.. My "active is the way to go" statement was a bit provocative, and it seems to have waken up some decent discussion, which is always a...
I'd say go to a shop and ask for an audition of Genelec 8040 (similar to M040) and see how loud and low they can go, you might be surprised. Prepare with good source material too, though, because they will reveal all the flaws of your recording.. M040: And you can always add subwoofer later, if you want to go even louder/need the lower bass.
Bump? This topic has some valuable info in it, that beginners should read. Active monitors are the way to go!
When you once get used to it, you can never go back to the smeared transients some cheap headphones give you.. 
We're not far off topic, I guess! ^^
 It's not you, I posted on another thread stating the same thing.. The Sonys look a bit like the DT48 in a way expect they are very plasticky
 Any benefits for doing this lol? 
What is OP's budget for the sub?
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