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Bump? This topic has some valuable info in it, that beginners should read. Active monitors are the way to go!
When you once get used to it, you can never go back to the smeared transients some cheap headphones give you.. 
We're not far off topic, I guess! ^^
 It's not you, I posted on another thread stating the same thing.. The Sonys look a bit like the DT48 in a way expect they are very plasticky
 Any benefits for doing this lol? 
What is OP's budget for the sub?
What do you have against active speakers may I ask? :P    When the drivers and amplifiers are designed to work together, it has lots of benefits.. You have to pay alot to match the performance of active crossovers too
+1, one of the very few albums for me
I think Behringer UCA-202 (20$ or so) should be quite close to audio quality of NuForce uDac2, someone correct me if im wrong
How are you going to high pass filter your audioengine speakers? Both the sub and main speakers playing same frequencies will create phase problems.   You could buy a studio subwoofer such as KRK 10S, and route your Audioengine's through it. The subwoofer will do necessary high pass filtering, and you can then just add volume control between your computer and the sub.
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