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I remember reading somewhere, that in studio monitors, the best aluminium tweeters can match the performance of an electrostatic speaker.    Isn't the DT48 like a small aluminium tweeter connected to your ears?
Already tried them on my iPod, they sound very different from it compared to my audio interface. The highs are still lacking some sparkle, but I think i'm too used for how my studio monitors and DT48 sound, they're not even in the same class. I have to read further what amps people recommend with the 55ohm K240, so I can get some reference about that too.
Just unboxed my brand new K141, so I welcome myself to the club.    Feeling a bit mixed about these now. Could be my audio interface has a bit too high output impedance, since there is way too much upper bass, and the treble is even more rolled off.   They sound a bit muddy. Need to try with other sources too, though.
yeah they isolate noise well and sound good. What else do you need?
Yeah, but It's the same listening distance that I had earlier. The stands were located at about 1.5 meter high just behind the desk, so weird that the change is so huge.
I think it was some old military picture/similar.    Found the pic from 4chan, anyone know who he is?
  Are these DT48? 
DT770 + decent amp + equalizer = everything you would ever need for edm
Maybe because SR80 gets recommended in every another thread   /thread
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