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Just watched Killer Joe yesterday. I found it a very disturbed movie in an exciting way, one of the good movies i've seen in a while.   9/10, would watch again.
If the PX100 mk2 I heard today, is the same as mentioned in the topic title. I will not understand what the hype is about:   -Overly thumpy midbass, sounds like someone tuned the driver wrong. Colors all the sound -Mids totally not HD600 worthy   Overall impression: Great looking can, but totally not HD6xx worth sonically
I just listened today to the K142 for the first time. Like you, I found they were pretty damn good for the price especially. Maybe the highs weren't as sharp as Sennheiser HD6xx series, but otherwise nice.   I found the soundstage wider than Sennheiser Momentums, maybe due to the semi-open type.   Does anyone know how these compare to K240's? And also is the K-141 MK2 similar in sound?
I'd say sound quality of K518 is comparable to gaming headsets cost up to 150$. Expect maybe the best ones.   I've seen these go for sale as low as 40$. Pretty good for that price especially. And well built.
Beyerdynamic DTX-501 vs. AKG K518:   AKG K518: got ample amount of bass, pretty mids and a bit rolled off highs. Nice sub bass. DTX501P: I got the impression of cleaner sound, better mids, brighter highs, less midbass and little rolled of sub bass. May work better for acoustic/classic music than K518, but still has enough thump for edm music. Despite brighter highs, not fatiguing. Just right.   DTX501P is much more comfortable.   This is my "first impressions" when...
Maybe they want to get rid of the T50 stocks first, or it's just that new it's not sold yet to vendors.   I saw the T50p for sale for ~100£ in our local shop. Too bad I don't need one, but for that money it might be quite a bargain.
I swear i've heard that song so many times at bars.
You need a separate amplifier for the Behringer C1 speakers, so they are not directly comparable I think.    The Behringers are supposed to be clones of the JBL C1 monitors, who knows if they got things right they could be pretty good.
I saw someone on youtube using a cheapo subwoofer with his Stax SR-407's.    Think he did it just for fun though, but must say it could add some extra something to the experience :D
43hz maybe with -10dB. Real response might be around 70-80hz..
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