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Have you already decided if you need open or closed headphones?
Hifiman HE-400 would be 399$. I've "heard" good things about their bass response, but have not heard them myself.
Do you have a link to that video?
I believe not, at least not identical, because the 600ohm version has slightly lighter (and different) driver.   I'm in the same book as you, looking to buy the DT990 for gaming, music and movies.   The FiiO E9 should drive the 250ohm version of the DT990's just fine. 32ohm might not be recommended, because the E9 has bit too much high output impedance for it. What is your current DAC? You could maybe even consider using the onboard for a while with the FiiO E9, then...
  Just bored and fiddling around with gimp.. Tried to make myself a wallpaper lol.
I found this from the interwebz     Be careful.
Trade for DT48? PM me if interested.
Any idea what the price is gonna be with the COP Studio? 
It will still make the static noise if you only mute your pc, tried it 2 seconds ago with my logitechs.   I always turn my volume off, or very low before removing the rca cable. Don't know if the static sound is damaging, but it doesn't sound very cute on my speakers either.
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