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Got any pics? I could try that if it's reversible and not do damage
 Could you post insides of that PC? That case looks too small to fit all that in!!
Dunno, just more clear and bit more dynamic sound I guess? I didn't do any further comparison tho,  just felt 24bit was better before I started researching on the subject.    I think the sound is coming through asio drivers, no processing or digital volume altered.
 you are missing something really huge in head-fi history. go educate yourself.
When I compared 24bit and 16bit output from my pc (At 44khz) I thought for a second 24bit sounded better. My music files are all 16bit I guess. Does that mean I'm imagining things?
K812? If the K712 is like.. 399€? Then this will be in the ~800€ range?
Working now, with a PS2 keyboard.   Any ideas how to get it work with usb though? I may consider getting a PCI usb card, but that's just alot of hassle..
Closing the listing, i'll keep these in my collection ;)
 Why so? I feel the DT48 is a very transparent headphone. It's like drinking water; everyone should like it. :P By the way just upgraded my 20$ dac to a 200$ one.. The difference is real. The sound is MUCH fatter now (more dynamic), drums have more snap and slam, soundstage has more depth and instrument separation is better. I haven't tried any A/B testing yet, though. It could be also that my new DAC has a better headphone output or some kind of synergy with the DT48.
Hi, thanks for the answer.   The mobo (Asus P5G41M, it's a desktop) has 6 usb outs, i've tried switching between them with no success.   Probably will try with a PS2 keyboard later on, but It'd be nice to get my usb keyboard to work..
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