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I can only recommend the AKG K550, while they may need amp for serious listening, for me they sounded loud enough from my 1st gen iPod.    And they sound very good.
I asked my engineer uncle what he thinks about balanced headphone cables, and he looked at me a bit weird. He didn't know such things existed, and couldn't see why they would be any better than regular headphone cables.    Balanced preamp is completely different story though.
No one mentioned AKG K550, I loved it with progressive house. Nice extended bass and an overall smooth sound. 
Try to listen Pendulum - Granite for example with DT990.    With my DT770 I remember it being nearly unlistenable, the treble was covering everything else in the sound, but eq helps
What kind of material is the capsule? Acetone is pretty good for removing glue residues.. But if the surface is painted it might remove the paint also^ so be careful   Just enjoying some Submotion Orchestra (sort of jazz influenced dubstep) on my DT48. This band is very well recorded and it shows. The DT48 sound fantastic.
So how do they sound like?
Isn't the JDS Labs cMoy (or any cmoy for that matter) the same thing as the old Grado "hi-end" amplifier they sold for over 200$?
I remember there was some youtube video that explained pretty well how to clean velours, but I couldn't find it now.    Btw, if they smell bad, putting them in the freezer for a day can help kill the bacteria and the smell
+1 this one, this is exactly what you're looking for if you want a brighter headphone than HD600 series.. Acoustic guitars and such sound very crisp through them, compared to HD600. HD600 almost sounds muddy in comparison. But then the treble gets fatiguing..
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