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What sub are you getting with the b&o S3's?? This should pair well with pretty much any speakers, as it has a built in smartphone controlled room equalizer. That's rare feature in under 1k$ subs. - review
Considering how bad the dac sound is in android phones, I would gladly pay over 200$ just to make sure it sounds as good as my desktop dac.
 No. You're just poor. End of story.
DSD sounds much cooler.
I kind of wish there would be "electrostatic cmoy" kind of option for New Stax users. Something basic for driving SR202-SR404 etc. I bet more people would have Stax if they wouldn't have to buy a bulky, expensive amplifier to go with them.
I think mostly getting used to, or starting to appreciate the details in music. It took a long time for me to get used to neutral sound after being a v-shape listener.
1. put those speakers on a stand2. that's like having two subs on a small table, its going to resonate and boost the bass. Have you tried calibrating the speakers?
So it has a digital volume control too. My built-in dac has a similar implementation.
I want Mojo's amplifier in a separate box. Don't care about the DA cause I already have decent DA. Just impossible to find a small, portable amplifier? (I don't like Fiio products this time)
I hate it when people say something sounds "warm" like it was a good quality. To me it reminds of this kind of bloomy, mushing all the detail kind of "audiophile" sound.
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