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HD600 sounds like the only headphone that has no fatiguing character to me. Despite being a bit slow in some areas. The highs are a good balance between fast and well damped, not veiled.   All these studio headphones have pretty flat phase and frequency responses. Even DT770 sounds quite flat if you don't have a crappy source!
The more I listen to DT770 the more the bass sounds like it was not made for listening, but for "analysis". It's easy to tell if your mixing has too much bass, but the enclosure does not actually (imo!) respond that well to music listening.     Here DT770 is hitting all the notes down to lowest ones, but the decay time is slightly too high in the bass, to make a smile in the face.   Anyone know if a DC-coupled amplifier could help with bass control?
I'm thinking of buying another pair for my second setup, the 250ohm version.
I think it depends how the sound card handles the file. 16/44.1 normal might sound much better than upsampled 16/48khz etc..
Reviewing a thing by it's dac chips. Sounds like a deadend to me.
I think there's two way of doing this, either you amplify your TV headphone socket, the controller headphone out, or for cleanest signal you take optical out from xbox to external DAC.
Is it worse than T1? I'm looking for a future upgrade and K812 looks interesting.
So in my opinion there is a big difference in how DAPs sound. plus the higher end models have better outputs.
I had the original ipod nano with the wolfson dac chip, and it sounded ok. The 2/3G cirrus models were brighter to my ears, they actually sounded a bit artificial. I thought android phones/their audio paths were just oem designs in general. It is generally the same factory where the basic components come out for these phones.[citation needed] Expect for the few special models like the new LG. How much is the measured smartphone distortion? In the new Chord Mojo, for...
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