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What model/brand is that eq? 
Anyone else noticed a price drop on Beyerdynamics recently? The DT770 sell for 118 euros in Thomann brand new. They were 158€ just couple months ago.
that grill is acoustically invisible, enjoy your headphones
it sounds like there is hair in the drivers, or there is something loose in the headphone - which causes a rattle at some bass frequency
I never said its sound quality is perfect, but it's damn acceptable, especially for discovering songs to be purchased in FLAC later.
Get a pair of genelecs. No longer need to have problem with mids, and the bass is just great. Almost a year with my M030's and still loving them.
Is that kind of single block of metal good for cooling the cpu? Couldn't imagine it dissipating the heat very quickly.
Active speakers have a compressed sound? Yeah riiight.
 some kind of hiphop with loots of sub bass rumble
The HD6xx just have that relaxing warm sound. Good for general picture of the music, but lack microscopic detail for studio work and such IMO.
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