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Well looking at the HD600 and HD650 graphs from innerfidelity.. They should present a similar difficulty electrical load to the amplifier (impedance curve, sensitivity). Both need around 0.15mW power for max 90dB SPL.   Judging by the impulse responses, it would seem HD650 is a lot slower headphone. It looks like it is tuned to give a overall natural sound for music listening and mastering purpose. This would have a slight tendency to mask over little mixing mistakes,...
 My friend has a DG with a 0.2cm gap to his RX480 just saying.
Stack any of them with a FiiO A1/A3 and you're good to go.
One day I thought my headphones sounded veiled. Until I realized, that they were actually so accurate, to be capable of revealing that my source sounds very veiled! such amplifier exists in Apogee Groove, for example. Also, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cellphone, don't expect it to put out DSD audio quality, it probably wasn't meant for that. Btw, didn't people have pretty good results somewhere, using balanced headphone amp with HD600, for treating the veil...
You know when you buy a new bike and it has a little harsh gearing out of the factory? Then you drive it and the sprockets and chain wear out to like each other. So if I used that analogy for an electric circuit is it possible that a similar pattern happens?Maybe there is going to be improve macrodynamics (audio-gd's grammar) after the process, something not audible to non-trained ears. http://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/processors/transistor-aging transistors age,...
Recommend Xonar DG. The difference it made compared to onboard sound was so big, I could hear it through the headphones.. It also has excellent DSP&EQ if you need that.
Sounds like jitter from your crappy cellphone dac.. Also a bad amplifier can cause this kind of veiled sound. I think the veiling you are referring is not related to high frequencies, but veiled (SLOW) transient delivery. Good gear has a sharp sound. I personally dont' think digital can reach the clarity of analog equipment.   A good amp can make bad quality hp's manageable....
Why does Fiio A1 sound alot better when plugged in usb power? Im using battery 5v power, and there is still some noise present from powering it this way. High frequencies sound cleaner & thick and sound image has more depth. Amplifier sounds unstable and a bit weak on battery power only.
I have at hand 381, 381F, 668B and DT770 for reference.. May post a review soon as I get home with my better sources.
HD600 sounds like the only headphone that has no fatiguing character to me. Despite being a bit slow in some areas. The highs are a good balance between fast and well damped, not veiled.   All these studio headphones have pretty flat phase and frequency responses. Even DT770 sounds quite flat if you don't have a crappy source!
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