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Acoustic damper it's the sticker that says "do not remove" in front of the driver?    You could try some 15-band eq (I have one in my MusicBee player) to eq the bass it has 32hz, 50hz, 80hz and 125hz settings and see if you can lower any of those without affecting the double bass too much? Or try increasing some 100hz punch while using the velour pads. 
Haha explain a little maybe?
Active technology 
I want to see someone model wearing these headphones. Now here's a pretty good picture I found on google. They look pretty mint imo. 
I found this. "19. Don't put nearfield monitors on their sides (unless they are dual-concentric types) as the sound from the tweeter and bass/mid unit will move out of phase if you move even slightly from the exact centre of the sweet spot. Sideways monitors may look trendy, but they don't work nearly so well as setting them up properly."
Superlux HD668B - if you want to be cheap. semi-open, good transients bright sound. Sennheiser HD558 or 598 - open, lush sound, a bit more comfort. AKG K240 - semi-open, Also nicely priced, nice natural sound, very comfort with velour pads.   edit: added info
Talking about good headphones, I saw a guy using a 8" yamaha subwoofer with his Stax SR-202's. (in youtube)
Wow, another active headphone!    I'm still sure with a good design active headphones will far outperform passive ones. It's also nice as there is no need to worry about impedance matching and power requirements of your headphones.     edit: I though,still doubt that these headphones were going to be much special in terms of real hi fidelity.
I misread your post..  Yes that is quite interesting behavior from the driver.. 
Thanks alot! That slider holder is the part which is broken. 10$ is a bit steep for one plastic piece though, seriously. I'm going to try some diy methods for fixing it. Posting back when I get to it.
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