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Thanks anthony! I was too late to get that one, but found a HD600 instead :)
Bump! Anyone got one that they are willing to let go?
Hi Head-fi! Long time no see :)   I'm looking for a pair of HD650 or HD600 headphones - will see what everyone has to offer.   Must be in good to excellent condition, I will pay accordingly. (the $200 offer price is just a guide)   I'm located in Perth, Australia and would like to buy within Australia.   PM if you have one that you're willing to let go.   Cheers
Item: Audio Technica AD900 Headphones Location: Perth WA, AUS Price: $200 shipped Australia wide. $170 pickup Item Condition: They are in excellent condition with only one blemish. There is a tiny nick on one of the earcups that I have tried to show in one of the photos. Also the earpads are slightly worn but have plenty of life in them yet. However this does not affect performance at all. Reason for selling: No longer using it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct...
It is by firestone. But I'm pretty sure its called the Little Country III with a power supply.  
Woohoo! Count me in too please! :D
Hello! Worth a shot :)
I have a friend who has a 17-55mm 2.8   Pretty awesome lens and incredibly sharp. However I think it would make more sense to get a 24-70mm 2.8 as it gives you  room to upgrade to a full frame body (which is inevitable for everyone hehe) and it's not that much more expensive.
FYI you can return them to headphonic within 10 days. Unless you don't want store credit..
Sorry, only shipping to Australia.   UPDATE: I've decided to pu the sale on HOLD till after my exams are over, as I will have no time to ship out the IE8s. sorry for the inconvenience caused.  
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