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payment sent.
I was fortunate to get a pair of j$ pads brand new. Just put them on my DT880/250 ohm version. Never knew pad rolling can make such a big positive difference. The stock velours are very good but the new leather pads are fantastic. Seems to have smoothened the treble a tad and brought out that great bass while still keeping that comfort and detailed sound. I'll be keeping these for a long time...
PM sent, I'll take it.
Yes I can upload some pics. I haven't heard it with either of those but the concerto is a very neutral amp and sounds amazing with my Edition 9 and Beyer Dt880.
thank you, will check it out..
If you have an earmax silver edition in pristine condition with low hours for sale, please PM me your offer and pics.
anyone hear the DT880 with the earmax amp ? I'm considering getting the earmax silver edition. Any feedback on pairing appreciated..
The DT880 is one sweet headphone. Smooth, beautifully neutral & balanced without being boring. Amazing price/performance and soooo comfortable. I couldn't be happier. Thinking about picking up a manufactur :) 
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