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1. I believe many here has been importing from the UK due to the cheaper price (weak pound + promotion). 2. Flash memory. The 639 has 16GB, where as the 638 has 8GB. Otherwise they are both identical.
My girlfriend stores her Sennheiser in a small flat tin case. Much better, easier and convenient than the crappy cases Sennheiser bundles their earphones with.
Happened to me once, but not via my Walkman. It was through my laptop... Luckily there was no damage on the IEM or my ears (I haven't put it in my ears yet, lucky me).
If you really do not want a netbook then get a Windows Mobile device or Nokia N810 with 800x480 resolution screen. The Touch's measly 480x320 screen won't cut it for pdf.
Custom 1 if you do not mind the lack of bass quantity. They sound good with rock music. I personally find the Customs to be very comfortable. The problem is first trying to get a good fit. You can also always use Shure olives tips if you need more isolation. The ER6i is also a good choice.
I have to concur with mark. The sound changes dramatically if the fit isn't perfect. I know many here seems to be having issues with the fit so try the different tips first.
By law they should accept returns within seven days. Distance Selling (Mail Order, Telephone and Internet Shopping) Quick Facts - BERR
Get a netbook instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Taikero If you have more than one IEM, cross-swapping tips is also a neat way to find some VERY sweet combos. My favorite all-around tip is the Klipsch Image X10 gels. I so wish I could order like....10 more pairs of the large single flange at least. They're absolutely wonderful for comfort and give a nice balance between isolation, comfort, bass impact, and mid/treble warmth and extension. They're my favorite tip by a measure...
All those are good, but what kind of sound are you looking for?
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