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That is a third party merchant. Not sold by Amazon themselves.
Craig wanted the new X-series from the UK and asked if I could get him one. Transaction was smooth the whole way with reliable communication throughout. As a thank you, Craig sent me a headphone and one of his quality mini-to-mini cable, which I am sure I'll use once I decide to get a portable amp (which I'll get from Whiplash no doubt!). Cheers and enjoy the X1060!
The accessories are already available in Japan. Pretty nice stuff. Key word to search is "NWX1000". I am definitely going to get the silicon case as the hardcase looks rather bulky...
Quote: Originally Posted by Photoman Thanks soozieq and walkingman. walkingman, You have 4000 songs and how much space you have left and what's ur bitrate? V0 VBR for my favourite albums, but mainly a variation of files between V1 and V2 for other tracks, that's between 180-240kbps I believe. I have about 1.5GB of space left last I checked.
Quote: Originally Posted by Photoman Hey Guys. How many songs you have on your X-1000 and do it slow up the player if you have a lot? And the Album art, is it detailed and smooth(like the zune) and not pixelated? I bought my son a S9 and the art is a little pixelated around the edges. I have about 4000 songs, and it doesn't slow the player down apart from the time rebuilding the db (only when you upload new music). I personally think the...
I thought I would take my chance yesterday at the Apple store in Westfield but they didn't stock the models, so that was that! Haha, JVC you lose! Instead my money went into the pockets of other entrepreneurs (not audio related) which may well put hamper on my FX1000 ambition... The Sony Store there also attempted to sell me another X-Series, until I pulled mine out and said "Ha, I've got them already! Now what about them accessories?", but they didn't have any... OT:...
e2c tips fit? Oh, I'll definitely try to find my old e2c today as I am sure I have some spare tips left in that weird carrying case. @kloan, I believe the Quattros are also filter-less, or at least using the same type of filter that Radiopaq uses.
Privacy filter? What are you planning on putting there buddy?
Fit is just fine. I use the silicon tips that came with the CrossRoad Quattro and they are just lovely sounding, and comfortable to boot, plus the bore is just the perfect size. I don't mind the stock tips, but grime and wax sticks to it liberally, which makes it all icky!! Yuck! John from Radiopaq told me that they have had similar feedbacks and are considering bundling alternative tips such as foamies.
Thanks for the quick impression Jude. This is a phone that I am very interested in hearing more about, seeing that it is Klipsch's first dynamic driver IEM. Looking forward to further impressions after CanJam. Cheers.
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