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It is a bit fussy when it comes to videos. Max resolution for MPEG4-AVC videos is 240x320. I use PSP Video 9 to convert and they play just fine, as long as you stick to baseline profile 1.3...
Sorry can't help you there as I've never heard it... I only suggest it as ACS is probably the only UK-based custom IEM providers that I know of, and the T3 is well within your budget. Here's a review of the T3... by T3: Advanced Communication Solutions - T3 reviews the T3
ACS: Advanced Communication Solutions - T3™ In-Ear Monitor
Hmm... I actually find the S630 screen to be readable under the sunlight, but only if the backlight is set to 4/5 or 5/5 brightness... X-series's screen is also visible outside in the sunlight.
It is a rebranded version of another DAP. It does look good. mp3 player/mp4 player/usb flash drives/gift oem odm manufacturer
Quote: Originally Posted by antonyfirst Man, this thing calls for lust. What is its resolution? Can I watch movies on it as comfortably as on thr iTouch? Resolution of the screen is 240x432. Video resolution varies but for MPEG4/AVC videos, the max supported is 320x240. WMV9 videos up to 480x320 resolution is supported but only VC1 SP (simple profile). Videos looks nice (thanks to the colour saturation of OLED), but obviously not as good as on the...
The screen isn't HD. Instead the 5 inch screen's resolution is WVGA (800x480) - which is normal resolution on most PMPs these days. The HD moniker comes from its supposed ability of playing HD material directly without conversion, as well as playing 1080i on a HDTV via TV-out.
Will try to steer the thread back to the X-series... Did anyone catch Tim Lovejoy this morning getting the run down with the X-series? He isn't too keen on touchscreen DAPs and prefer keypads (he does have a point).
I just noticed this on my S739 after reading this, but honestly the defect is so so so minute it doesn't bother me at all. Hope it doesn't bother others as well. For what it's worth there's no misalignment on my X1060 or my partner's S639.
What fake iPod Touch? It isn't a fake if they are not trying to pass it off as a genuine version... AFAIK, PJBOX are genuine. Their website could do with a bit of sprucing up though...
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