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Rather than re-ripping, you can just transcode your FLAC archive to wav (use something like dbpoweramp which allows batch conversion). As they are lossless already you won't lose any quality this way.
Well speaking for myself only, I find high bitrate lossy files (-V 0) to be transparent enough not to actually care about portable lossless listening. Some people can make do with a couple of albums at a time, but I can't. I travel frequently and I find not having to resync frequently a huge convenience. I do keep a FLAC archive on my ThinkPad and external harddrive for easy transcoding and desktop listening.
Wav for lossless, but you can always playback MP3, AAC or WMA lossy files. Plenty of programs that will allow you to rip from CD to wav - dbpoweramp, Exact Audio Copy, WMP etc. No scratches so far and I haven't applied any sceen protector or use any case yet...
Quote: Originally Posted by jbugno Also is there a name for the strange Sony cord configuration? Thanks! They are called asymmetrical cables, also sometimes known as J-cord (as opposed to Y-cord). Not many brands carry these cord configuration, and almost certainly no high-end models apart from the Sony EX700 (which is above US$150 anyway).
Quote: Originally Posted by gameboy115 Please go to amazon.com and you would see the current price of se 530 X2 That proaudio store is selling the vanilla SE530 for $449. Unbelievable. Shure SE530 | ProAudioSuperstore.com Amazon.com on the other hand sells the SE530 + PTH unit for $303! Amazon.com: Shure SE530PTH Sound Isolating Earphones with Push-To-Hear Control: Electronics Yes, that is by Amazon themselves, not some third party...
You can use Mp3tag Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2) or Windows Media Player I personally use MediaMonkey for all my music management need (tagging, playing and transfering).
The Walkman won't recognise JPEGs that are drag and dropped. You'll have to embed them into your files's metadata (ID3 etc) then resync the updated files to the Walkman.
Hmm... one of the patch has dislodge itself from port 3 and is now stuck inside the Quattro. I doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect to the sound signature but it does mean one of my port 3 screw is now essentially a spare port 1... Anyway I have completed a 30 hour intense burn-in process and the sound coming out of this is pretty good. It is clear though not as good as the CX 95 or Radiopaq Jazz. I also would still prefer if the vocals were a bit more forward.
Please read the FAQ regarding album art. Hopefully it will help. Quote: Originally Posted by heliuscc Well, mine has arrived too from amazon. Very pleased with the sound but still having issues with album art. I have opened the offending pics in photoshop and saved them as baseline standard jpegs then saved them back into the walkman/picture/xxx folder on the x1000 but the pics still don't come up. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks
Some like ihatepopupads get them via fellow head-fi'ers in the UK. I myself bought and sent one to another head-fi'er when it was first released. Anyway, AMP3 has them in stock now and they do ship to the US.
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