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Ok, I just drag and dropped some MP3 files (tagged with MediaMonkey) onto my partner's S639 and my S739 (in its default MTP mode). The only tag that didn't transfer properly was the year field, but everything else is in order including the title and even the album art. When I drag and dropped the same files via UMS mode, all tags appeared correctly including the year field and album art. Hope this helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neeley SQ After borrowing a touch 2nd gen the other day, splashing out on a new DAP seemed a bit of a risk as I thought the touch sounded plain nasty. ... If great sound quality is your priority the Sony X is a very safe bet, I wouldn't touch anything else. Pun intended. Nice pictures there. Glad you are enjoying it. I see you are a Bear McCreary fan. Love his BSG music and can't wait for his season 4 OST.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bloodflowerz @ Everyone with the Sony I got my Sony last night, loaded some 400kbs AAC Metal and I am struggling to hear a difference between it and the Samsung P2? I was wondering what settings everyone is using, EQ, what Clear modes and all. Cheers. Never heard the P2 so I can't comment about it, but I always disable the audio enchacement technology on my Walkmans. Even the EQ is disabled, as I love the sound of...
Hei Astroid, are there any visible physical difference between the two (apart from colour)? I know that the CX 95 are metal (feels like one anyway), how about the CX 550?
Quote: Originally Posted by vr5 Does anyone know where to order fx500? i found only couple of ebay sellers who ship worldwide. Bluetin for £86.88 Shop selling JVC-Victor hp-FX500 Wooden In-Earphones
Quote: Originally Posted by Marrioh Does anyone know a decent program to encode/rip dvds to an X series friendly format? I do mine the hard way... First I rip my DVDs to my external harddrive using DVD Decrypter, then use something like PSP Video 9 to encode the large MPEG2 vob file into a 320x240 friendly video (AVC - baseline profile level 1.3 only). It is a two step process, but I do it anyway because I tend to archive my DVDs onto my external...
Quote: Originally Posted by Buckster darn - that was going to be the reason I'd get it whats the point of the NC "mic" on the unit itself then ? The mics are on the headphones itself. The hole next to the ANC switch is the reset hole.
Wow... I am having mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, it is mighty tempting to buy the FX500 online now. But on the other I am pretty darn pissed off with JVC and/or Apple for deliberately attempting to mislead and price gouge potential customers. I know us in the UK are no strangers to being ripped off, but this is a whole new level... Thanks for confirming Julie.
It is like unzipping a file, the file goes back to its original state. I just did a test with dbpoweramp, and my tags and album art did stay intact with the new wav files. But tags were never a standard with wav container, meaning the Walkman may not actually be able to read them.
Quote: Originally Posted by toughnut Jon, try to further burn-in process. I find myself reaching for it more than X3 or KSC75 hahaha. It's fun and discrete IEM. The vocal quite laidback though, but iirc, similar to IE8 vocal placement. I am going to continue burning them in as I do notice some improvements from pre-burn in to the last time I heard it. My S739 is now relegated to a burn-in DAP! Poor thing...
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