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Here you go: It would be great if you could name the seller. Pictures of your IE 7 would also be appreciated.
I've not heard it but Duncan is pleased with the JVC FX1000's performance with the X-series. His impressions are dotted all over this thread and the JVC thread. You can import the much cheaper FX500 for less than £100. JVC UK has confirmed that the two are the exact same.
Nice! Make sure you take plenty of pictures so we can get all jealous!
Quote: Originally Posted by CHRIS7509 To steal this thread i have the same question but comparing it with my NWZ-S618F. And another question : Do all sony's have the same volumen/power ? i really find this A's Sony to be the one with lowest vol from my mp3's, is it the same with the A or X series ? Please someone answer. Thanks. ! In comparison to the S630 and S730 series, the X-series has more volume/power. I do not have the S610, so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by willykatie What is the cable that comes in the box and looks like LOD? That's the audio input cable for connecting to external audio sources to be used with the noise cancelling function. Basically it allows you to listen to other audio sources, while using the X-series to cancel out background noise via ANC.
Sony did have a firmware update for the S730/S630 series to fix a bug. Perhaps they may have one for this. For what is worth, YouTube is still working on mine. Have you tried doing a full factory reset?
Amazon's delivery service is getting much better. I routinely get stuff delivered the next day despite using the Super Saver delivery. Don't see much point subscribing to Prime, though they do have their perks as well.
Works well with Nokia browser and Opera Mini. Good decision. Besides this will also mean less scrolling whenever huge pictures are posted.
Quote: NOTE: We don't offer an exchange program at this time. However, you're welcome to return the item for a refund and then place a new order for the item you want in exchange. I have seen that note before from Amazon. It comes up from time to time and is probably dependant on the amount of stock they have. But most of the time they will just send a new one without charge. I like their exchange program TBH, and is one of the few reasons I shop there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Photoman It was like a thin strip goes over it. I think something was removed.. If anybody who's you tube is working can you please let me know what files you have on ur sony, like working files. Maybe a app was deleted or something. It's a shame too. because I like the sound and built. There is no screen protector bundled with the X-series. Have you set the clock/date on the X-series yet? I have read that...
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