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I will be lying if I say I am not a bit concerned, but that won't stop me from heading out. In fact I'll be attending a musical in the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow evening. I do have a box of Relenza hidden in my cupboard though, but I got that years ago. Not sure if it is still viable...
ThinkPads. Built rock solid. My previous X31 was so tough I dropped it a few times with nary a crack. The harddrive did give way in the end, but that is one component that will eventually fail. It has a brilliant hinge (I sometimes carry my X61 via the screen if I am lazy) and a keyboard second to none. Most TPs comes with 3 year warranty and you buy extended warranty as long as the machine is still in warranty.
You can host pictures at TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting or even on head-fi itself using attachments.
edit: gah, beaten! Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 How bout a Woody IEM? lol (would that be the world's first?). Nope. The JVC FX500 has a wooden diagram and body.
X2. I personally found films to be a huge disappointement. I enjoyed the first, but the rest just dragged on and on.
Any fans of Futurama here? Well I am sure they are. Good news for you all! 26 new episodes has been ordered and will begin airing in 2010 on cable network Comedy Central. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Reviews | Futurama to make return on US TV
Buy original from authorised dealers. These back-door factory deals may offer the real thing but it is dodgy as hell and you won't be getting any warranty. Worst of all, I doubt Sennheiser and its engineers will be getting royalties on those lost sales.
If the seller knew it was a fake and tried to pass it off to the OP as genuine I think we (or at least the mods) deserve to know the identity of the handler. The OP did say that his/her's came with real box and accessories. As for the ebay one, the lack of carrying case is a definite give away. I guess we all now know why Sennheiser decided to include an over-engineered case - nobody would bother copying it!
Sounds like the seller got ripped off by someone else on Head-Fi. If it is an honest mistake, fine, but I do believe we need an explanation from the original seller. Still want to see macro pictures of the alleged fake IE 7.
Not too much sibilance on mine though, but I did remember you having sibilance problem with the IE 7 as well. Maybe my ears can't detect as much. I agree that they are miles behind the IE 8 in terms of resolution and detail. Mids are definitely the best thing about the CX 95. Extension cord length does sucks. I use my Sony extension cord with it.
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