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Oh that's just simply stunning. Now why couldn't I have that instead...?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baines93 I've applied so many times. Obviously not interested in me - Just wanna review an E71 before I buy one hopefully this year (or the E72, but it's uglier. Like the touchpad though and 3.5mm!) How do you find the keyboard on that? I'm not sure i'd get on with the big keys tbh. I like E61/71 style, or when it comes to landscape, the G1 has small keys... Bigger is better, but too big, I don't know I actually...
The NC20 stock phones are pretty good. Tried it the other day on the train and it worked well blocking out the rumblings. The sound quality is about similar to the EX082. Only problem, and I just discovered this bit, is it isn't compatible (physically) with other 3.5mm jacks.
My E75 review unit arrived today. Brilliant build quality with a great slide out QWERTY keyboard. Quite a bit snappier than my old and trusty E51 too! SQ is pretty good for an E-series phone. Most importantly, it comes with a 3.5mm headphone port, meaning no more stupid 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter!
Quote: Originally Posted by MCC I have to disagree with that point- I've taken apart several IBM era Thinkpads as well as my new Lenovo W500 and the Lenovo is every bit as well made as the older units. In fact, I'd say that the overall quality might actually be a bit better as they've taken some steps against some issues that hit older Thinkpads like broken LCD cables. The newer Lenovo models have a better coating on the ribbon cable that looks to be quite...
A piano will only last as long if people take care of it. I have seen plenty of dead pianos, cars, guitars etc. because the owners treats them like crap. The same rule applies to headphones. Take care of it and it will serve you a long long time. Our plastic CX 300 (which my partner now uses at work) is still going strong more than two years after we got it. Not bad for something that costed us less than £18. Besides you are comparing apples and oranges here. One is a...
FenderP, Any chance you can capture some close up shots for us? Jealous I am. So tempted to import the NW version now... I hope the price settles down in the next couple of months. Bloody hell Sony, give us NWZ owners the NW firmware!
Drag and drop Atrac? Brilliant. Now Sony, why can't we have that?
I really dislike companies that does this. Fortunately most CS only seems to care whether the product still lies within the warranty period rather than who is the current owner. A receipt is usually more than enough, and I don't remember many stores actually printing the buyer's name on it anyway. If they give you hell for it, claim that it is a gift. As far as headphones goes, Sennheiser's warranty is transferable, but not Shure, Audeo and Ultimate Ears.
Anyone here has the opportunity to listen to both 5800 and the new E75? My experience with the 5800 are limited. They do sound great with my IE 8, but because I am unfamiliar with the tracks on them I can't comment anymore other than that. Nokia is sending me a E75 review unit, which is based on the hardware of another XpressMusic model. I am hopeful that the SQ on this will be as good as the 5800.
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