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Oh my gosh. It is thinner than my S730. I can't look at my X-series without thinking how fat it is now... Also the SO905i is by Sony Ericsson, not Sony. They are a seperate entity co-owned by two companies, whose headquarter is in London.
Well I'll be selling my X-series for the A840, if the NWZ makes it over here. Same S-master, OLED etc. but with buttons and a thinner profile? Count me in.
I see that Denon has continued its tradition of screwing UK customers. AMP3 has them for £139.99 (US$230), which is just absurd. Silver C710 looks sexy, but could do without that white cord.
With my IE 8, everything off Sounds great unEQ'ed.
Quote: Originally Posted by dissembled Do you people think it's the best sounding MP3 player you've heard? Of those I've heard, yes.
Brilliant photography there.
Yes you can. Any USB AC adapter can work. Mine has a powerful 1000mAh output, but anything above 500mAh will do fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baines93 Saw it on facebook too. Saw online he was ill - week old article. Got rushed in today this afternoon. Put news 24 on, and it is now official and confirmed I think, but it's rather confusing. Sad sad day - R.I.P. News 24 has not confirmed it. All the news agencies are speculating the same thing based purely on the TMZ site report.
Not many here has heard the CX 300-II yet, seeing that it is a pretty new product. I can tell you that based on my own personal experience I prefer the EX082 (basically a bundled EX85) to the old CX 300. However the CX 95 is leaps an improvement over the two.
Soozieq, how are you finding the Jazz, particularly with the X?
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