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Hi. If your want to let yours go, let me know. I'm located in Spain which is 230V but I've just read it can be easily set to whatever voltage from the inside. Anyway I would like to confirm this point. So, Europe preferred due to customs clearance but open to any offer wherever it comes from. Thanks!
Top amp from Jan Meier before going on the "Cantate" style (and production). It retailed new for about 1400 €. Dead neutral sound signature yet natural. Gobs of power (moved AKG K340 as a feather). Fast, correct, with a perfect control of the bass and microdetailed. Technical specs: - 2 headphone outputs ( 0/120 Ohm output impedance ). - Maximum output 13V / 800 mA. - Gain switch. Maximum gain factors 6.5 / 19 dB. - Variable crossfeed filter switch (no crossfeed / low /...
Hi. For sale a like new Audio-gd DAC19 with the DSP module. USB, caoxial and optical inputs, RCA and ACSS analog outputs. One of the most natural and transparent sounding DACs I tried. Price: [WITHDRAWN] shipped into Europe. Bank transfer or paypal as gift. Otherwise add 4 %. Thanks!
Back for sale.
For your consideration is this Sennheiser HD800 replacement cable in like new condition. Solid silver and Furutech single ended factory terminated, probably the best cable available for the HD800. Lenght is 315 cm. Sorry for the crappy mobile photos. Not sure yet if I want to let it go: just tell me your interest and let's see how things develop. Firmly for sale now: name your offer. Here you are some toughts about it. The one I'm selling is the Mark 2. Thinking about...
Sent PM.
  Thanks Terps: really appreciate it. Didn't know anything about the K550 but a fast reading showed me that looks brighter sounding compared to the 840. Anyhow, there's a point that bothers me about the D7: USB powered. Sometimes real evil voltage is coming out of laptops batteries. The D12 being battery self-feeded and through optical was nice clear sounding, without a single grain of distortion.
Ladies... please. Anyone?  
I had the D12 + SRH840 wich I found a good pairing: bass on the Shure got tight due maybe to the relative brightness of the D12. To me, it seemed that both tonal balances compensated each other.   Now that I have recovered the 840, I'm thinking again of getting an Ibasso. Anybody could compare D12 and D7 tonal balance wise? I'm reading that D7 has a touch of warmth that suits some Grados. Wondering if this would be good for the 840.
Price drop to 170.00 €, shipping included in Europe. It will go to ebay soon.
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