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Hi guys, I find the treble a little fatiguing after a while... I am running the X2s without an amp out of my laptop. The volume level isn't a problem, I listen at about 20% comfortably, but will an amp help here? I often see people talking about a thin signature when running headphones unamped, but I do know that the X2s don't really need an amp. Thanks!
   Hey thanks for the replies, sorry I should have placed emphasis on headphone (around ears).
Hey guys I really like the 846's sound, could you recommend a similar headphone with maybe a touch less bass, but similar overall sound? Ideally something that can work decently well off a portable amp.
Australia thanks.
Shipped to Australia. Let me know thanks!
Hi there, I used this, it works fine. I think it is for car use, but I am obviously using it at home. I'm not an expert with electronics, but it would work but be expensive if you have to buy a LLC for every speaker... Does your receiver have RCA outputs? I would just buy a RCA - 3.5mm adapter, it might be cheaper. Granted if the speakers only have 3.5mm inputs, you are probably wary of the output power from the receiver, perhaps if you could find out the output power to...
 Yes please! And any comparisons to other IEMs you have would be good too.
I know these are relatively new, but looking for a Westone W20. Shipped to New Zealand.   Thanks!
 Yes the filters are attached to the core which I didn't know before buying them. To be honest IMO, the 100s de-cored are so small and soft that they basically do not affect the sound because the nozzle of the earphone almost reaches the end of the tip. I don't have any olives as they are too large and hard to be comfortable. Sony hybrids also fit on the 900s and definitely help out with the bass especially the larger (blue?) sizes.
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