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Try the new Fiio EM3 - they're small and sound pretty good.
Westone W60 in ear monitors Great condition Includes all accessories (except one pair of the green rubber tips (accidentally gave them away), but the foam greens are included). I use my own Comply tips so the included tips are clean.
Thanks for the info tremendo, by more subtle, would you say the NC on the H3s are better or worse than the QC20s? I'm looking for a pair for the aeroplane.
Just got these in August, no problems with them at all. Very little hours <100. Acrylic CIEMs are just not my thing.   Located in Australia.   Make an offer.   Also looking for Shure 846
I have a pair of Gramo One's that I received back in May. Just used them mainly at work but I've swapped to cheap earbuds with remotes for ease.   Shipped worldwide from Australia.
My view on the W60 vs 846...   I don't have a pair of golden ears by any stretch but like many others have pointed out the main difference is in the treatment of the midrange. I find the W60 to have fuller mids. I can understand how some people say the 846s have more forward mids due to their thinner and harsher nature, and others believe the W60s to have the more forward mids (mainly the fullness gives this effect). In my mind the W60s have the vocals and lower mids...
 How small do you want? You can try the Westone star tips, Comply foams (P-100s) or Spinfits (will probably need to add a adapter core to get it to fit tight). Should they all fail, Sensaphonics custom sleeves will fit. Obviously, each option will change the sound a little (or a lot depending on who you talk to).
Hi there, I'm looking for a Blox TM7 shipped to Australia.   Thanks!
Hi guys, I find the treble a little fatiguing after a while... I am running the X2s without an amp out of my laptop. The volume level isn't a problem, I listen at about 20% comfortably, but will an amp help here? I often see people talking about a thin signature when running headphones unamped, but I do know that the X2s don't really need an amp. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: