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 Is the play button on the cable stuck and triggering Siri?
Excellent condition, not used much so up for sale. Not looking for trades.   Comes with all accessories.   Buyer pays PP fees.   Prefer Australia sale but ok for international if you have good feedback.   Thanks!
Excellent condition with all the accessories.   Powers from USB C and the app allows you to customise the EQ and level of noise cancelling.   Less than 5 hours on it, unused so is to go!
 The director eq does stick after you turn the headphones on and off - but remember that the settings in the director eq are things like reverb and bast boost - not the same as the typical eq sliders. It definitely gets louder than comfortable at the max end, and the touchpad is pretty sensitive as others have noted but it is easy to adjust the headphones without touching the touch screen.
Hi guys, I tried the original Lyra and found the treble harsh. Given that, will I likely find the Vega's treble similiar? Thanks!
Questions for those with both QC35 and 1000x - are the 1000x cups just as deep as the QC35s? The h.ear Over-Ears that I tried had really shallow cups, my previous experiences with Sony are shallow cups too...   Also is the noise cancelling "pressure" higher on the 1000x vs. QC35? The QC20s were just about the max I could take before they would start to really bother me.   Thanks in advance!
 Just changed to my stock cable on the 846s... can't hear any hiss. However, I should note that I'm not too sensitive to hiss - on my Mojo I can only hear the smallest amount of hiss on the 846s when I plug them in (no music / silence track playing), on my Nexus 5 no hiss.
Has anyone heard the included earphones? I just tried mine today and suprised that they sound pretty good. Listening though the mojo, forward sounding with a suprising amount of bass comparing them to my 846s with black filters...
Try the new Fiio EM3 - they're small and sound pretty good.
Westone W60 in ear monitors Great condition Includes all accessories (except one pair of the green rubber tips (accidentally gave them away), but the foam greens are included). I use my own Comply tips so the included tips are clean.
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