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 That is bad...
 Sweden wanted 11,880 in import fees... F'ing barstewards!
This is the price I get, without ticking any boxes or any codes.  
 That is another choice... Not going to be easy
Has anyone who had a listen to the X5III also tried the XDP-100R? I'm after a new player, and these both seem to fall into the sameish money. I've heard the 100R and was really impressed by it, with the Pinnacle P1 and PM-3.
Does it understand replaygain tag info from Foobar, especially on flac files?
Can the DP-X1 read replay gain tags as written by Foobar2000? I'm more of a playlist kinda listener, so I like my music to be roughly the same volume.
How does the Plenue D compare to Pioneer XDP-100R and Onkyo DP-X1? I guess I know the answer, but still.
  Getting more and more interested in the Onkyo. Does it have replaygain, so it can read tags written by Foobar? I don't think the Pioneer can, apart from using apps like Rockbox.
 So you can then also use the Pioneer music app on Onkyo? I suspect they are quite alike, except for the cosmetics anyway.
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