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Excellent, thank you!
1. I use the digital out and it sounds just as good as any other component I have tried.   2. Haven't tried myself, but 2TB is the limit.   3. Enjoy   4. Yes there is a dual boot FW.   5. Never used itunes so can't comment, but the DX50 is quite picky with the tags if used in library mode.
Are you by chance using Win 8.1?
  I did that, it works fine.
  Excellent, thank you!
Silly question, to which I probably know the answer to as well, but if I install the new FW, will I then lose the dual boot Rockbox?
  This is great news, do you know any details about the new firmware. 
 That's what I was afraid of too, it was a nice thought though.
But that means the screen lights up when I change tracks with the buttons, I'd like the screen to light up when I double tap it, like on the LG G2. I know I'm difficult  
  It would really be useful, I'm paranoid about wearing out the power button, you see
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