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Any comparisons to the PFE232?
 Ah, that's a bit of a downer.
  Does this occur only when gapless isn't enabled, or does it happen no matter what?
Is there any noticeable background hiss in silent passages or between tracks?
The 232's are seriously good, I just need to decide what I will use to feed them, the DX90 is winning at the moment, but the DX50 ha rockbox as my trusty old Cowon D2.
 So for a first time buyer, with a set of PFE232's, would you suggest the 50 or 90?
Any comparisons between the UM50 and PFE232?
 I'm interested in this too, but I don't think it will as the DX50 is not replaced by the DX90 or even in the same league.
 Thanks. It is the only thing that holds me back from buying the DX50, but very few seems to be affected and none, that I have seen, with RB.
  Is the volume spike problem there even when using rockbox?
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