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Does it understand replaygain tag info from Foobar, especially on flac files?
Can the DP-X1 read replay gain tags as written by Foobar2000? I'm more of a playlist kinda listener, so I like my music to be roughly the same volume.
How does the Plenue D compare to Pioneer XDP-100R and Onkyo DP-X1? I guess I know the answer, but still.
  Getting more and more interested in the Onkyo. Does it have replaygain, so it can read tags written by Foobar? I don't think the Pioneer can, apart from using apps like Rockbox.
 So you can then also use the Pioneer music app on Onkyo? I suspect they are quite alike, except for the cosmetics anyway.
Here in Europe it's impossible to find one, while the Pioneer is readily available.
Thanks for the explanation, I am using the Pinnacle and PM-3. Suppose I really should try getting my hands on the Onkyo then  
I would only really use it for headphones, but will try to get my hands on the Onkyo before deciding which to go for.
Thanks. Would the dual DAC make any difference in sound, like wider soundstage or so?
How does the DP-X1 compare to the DPX-100R? I've only heard the Pioneer offering and was really impressed by it.
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