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The clou red is triple shielded while the clou blue is only double shielded. I think that is the only real difference between the two.
Read this article and the feedback and you will understand what I am talking about:,00.html Just to give you a hint at what is coming. The guy called the Bose Wave Radio as audiophile equipment.
I didn't think so either, but I thought that it was worth a shot.
I ordered my SR-225's from Bill Keyser and he was incredibly helpful and nice. I agree with the sentiment of how good that place is.
HP-1000's, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. Someday one of you will be mine, oh yes, you shall be mine.
I am looking to see if anyone wants to part with a Sugden Headmaster for $550. If you do, PM or e-mail me.
They are a lot like Dave Matthews's acoustic stuff. Sorry for the long time for the response.
Removed from sale. Thank ya.
Wow, that amp is awesome.
Yeah, your giving us poor college students a bad name.
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