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Jude, where did you get your sorbothane feet?
I have three that I am choosing between. The MGHead, Wheatfield HA-1, and the Headroom Home. I like the latter two because it can double as a preamp and I like the MGHead because of its price.
Not quite. I have to get my amp for them now. Then I will be set.
I bought markl's used set with the blue clou cables. So, they are already burned in.
Woohoo, my HD 600's got in today.
I agree with the seller's statement about the recotons. They made the beeping of my metal detector such a pleasure to hear.
I like how the JVC webpage calls those headphones "Digital Readiness Headphones"
No it isn't, but I give that guy kudos.
Wouldn't know for sure. I only have the clou cable blue.
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